Your Daily Muslim: Abdul Muhid

Abdul Muhid is more than a bit porky...

Abdul Muhid is more than a bit porky…

“[Muslim Patrol] is not going to stop. There are many teams out there. God almighty said the best Muslim is one that goes out and commands what is good and forbids what is evil.”

In early 2013, some wild Quranimals in the UK grabbed a video camera and harassed people on the street for not complying with sharia. They told people to leave the areas they were in because they were “Muslim areas.” The Muslims, known as “Muslim Patrol,” knocked people’s drinks out of their hands, mocked homosexuals and unveiled women, and vandalized advertisements that featured unveiled women. Many members of the Patrol were arrested after the videos went viral and police tracked down the suspects. Abdul Muhid is a member of the Patrol, and the group’s seventh video just leaked.

In the video, which is a declaration of war upon non-Muslims (kuffar), a Muslim (possibly Muhid) hides his face with a bandana, looking like a garden-variety thug. The Patrol added in sounds of guns cocking and firing at random points during Muhid’s rambling to make the message more intimidating. “You kuffar, you can go to hell… Christianity can go to hell.” Wow, Muhid, you make a clearly reasonable argument about your intense dislike of non-Muslims.

Muhid set up a website, muslimprisoners.com for his fellow jihadis to network while imprisoned. Among its users are the likes of terror clerics Abu Qatada and Abu Hamza, as well as many attempted bombers. On the site, Muhid praises his “brothers” in jihad while simultaneously complaining about how Muslims face difficulty in clearing their name of criminal charges. Maybe it’s because… they’re criminals??? Shocker…

Muhid claims the Muslim Patrol is fighting against “naked women,” prostitution, and all sorts of other things forbidden in Islam. He throws around a shit-ton of “Allahu akbar”s, to the point where one would question whether or not he was about to make like the theme song of Islam (Ke$ha’s “Blow.”)

This Abdul Muhid is not to be confused with another Abdul Muhid of the same age from the UK, who was arrested for child porn. Media reports did not really differentiate between the two, but this isn’t the one who molested an underage girl, though I’m sure this one supports Muhammad’s marriage to six-year-old Aisha.

In 2007, Muhid was arrested for calling for the murder of a Danish cartoonist who drew images of the prophet Muhammad (pigs be upon him.) At the rally, Muhid led chants along the lines of “annihilate those who insult Islam.” He has a bitter grudge against the police, saying “the police can go to hell.” He also chanted, “bomb, bomb the UK!” If there is a hell and for whatever reason the police go there, I’m sure they’ll see Muhid there.

“We are coming. You cannot stop us. The kuffar cannot stop us! We will implement Islam upon your own necks!”

This is war.

27 comments on “Your Daily Muslim: Abdul Muhid

  1. Hes Slurping on a Mcdonalds milshake, ive heard Mcdoanlds milshakes contain 70% lard, pigs lard at that. Go on lad show the Muzzies how to do it lol

  2. Big Mouth Cult member!!!

  3. Reblogged this on eastangliandivision.

  4. I think he’s a member of Choudhary’s boy harem. Chowderhead left his wife and children to fight jihad. A jihad that just happens to keep him surrounded by young men.

    Left his wife and kids to surround himself with young men. Connect the pretty pink dots.

    Kinda ironic, them bothering gays.


  5. These prats are so transparent, small penis’ & cannot cope with women being superior….so their standard ameba approach violence & bad mouthing. The ugly truth is there for all to see yet our P.C. authorities bend over backwards to protect them. If they hate us with so much venom why don’t they FUCK OFF….Ooo pardon my French.

  6. lets knock back a bottle of Jack D and kick us some dirty turban ass. I’m American, hence my reply

  7. When can we have open muzzie season in the US?

  8. so the pig He lives off the government never worked a day in his life
    dont like seeing woman naked but he repeatedly molesting a 15-year-old girl
    i say deport them even if they where born in the uk send them back to there mother land of fuck wits
    the government will save millons of pounds on welfare and prison also neever ever allow them back in europe

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  14. I want to go into a mosque dressed like a pig and start pretending to pray.

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  18. http://www.gistplanet.com/2013/10/shocker-popular-muslim-cleric-rapes.html

    Shocking and very sad…
    A conservative Muslim preacher in Saudi Arabia has been sentenced to eight years in prison and 800 lashes for raping his five-year-old daughter.

  19. This is pretty shoddy blogging – the Abdul Muhid who admitted sexual activity with a minor is a completely different individual:


  20. […] Last time we learned about UK jihadist Abdul Muhid, he was wandering the streets of London with a video camera, harassing people for not following seventh-century rules. Since then, he’s been up to his usual antics, promoting jihad and condemning normal western activities like drinking. Despite owning a store, Muhid either spends all day sitting on Facebook or bending over with his Mujahideen buddies (for Allah, of course!) He uses a fake name on Facebook, Abu Walaa, likely to be less traceable since he posts all sorts of pro-terror material. […]

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