Your Daily Muslim: Samuel Neguse Rezene

Samuel Neguse Rezene

Samuel Neguse Rezene

If you aren’t ready for your blood to boil, I suggest closing this tab.

Somali Muslims Samuel Neguse Rezene and Yonatan Ogube came to the US with their families in search of a better life – and teenage girls to take advantage of. Their families settled down in a lower-class suburb of Seattle, and it didn’t take long for the duo to get into trouble.

One day in 2008, Rezene and Ogube were driving (and certainly already up to no good) when they saw a 14-year-old caucasian girl walking along the side of the road. Feeling kinda horny and in need of money, they quickly hatched a hideous plan. The two slowed down and pulled up next to her, then took her by surprise and threw her into their vehicle. It is believed they pointed a gun at her to prevent her from running away.

While driving, Rezene threatened to kill the girl and her family if she didn’t comply with his demands. After a short drive to the infamous Aurora Avenue, where hookers are as commonplace as child brides in Afghanistan, Rezene and Ogube forced the terrified teen to go to “work” and service five men while they watched.

Thankfully, the Muslims spared the girl’s life and returned her to her family. Two weeks later, they saw her walking alone again, and attempted to kidnap her a second time, this time without the use of a gun as a scare tactic. She fought them off. Petrified, she then told her father and police what had happened to her.

It didn’t take long for police to find the Cadillac used to abduct the girl. Inside, they found a loaded Glock handgun, and traced the car back to Rezene.

Rezene and Ogube stood trial for the felony sex crime of promoting commercial sexual abuse of a minor. This wasn’t Rezene’s first brush with the law – he had fourteen prior arrests, including a felony drug conviction. However, the local Somali Muslim community rushed to his defense when the allegations were brought forward.

“They were probably just playing around, just to see how far [the girl would] go,” said Sonny Mensur, one of the Muslims’ cousins. “I believe that it’s because of race issues,” said Naz Ahmed, one of the Muslims’ friends. No, it’s because of the absolute lack of respect Islam shows to women, and how so many Muslim men think that they can treat women like shit and get away with it.

Speaking of getting away with it, guess what? Apparently Ogube and Rezene did, as there appears to be no record of their sentencing. Rezene was out free to cause more trouble as of 2012, when he was booked again for burglary.

12 comments on “Your Daily Muslim: Samuel Neguse Rezene

  1. Scum…..!!!!!!…………..Deport them, Courts a far too lenient. If the same crime was committed in their Country what would their sentence be…?….Nothing, or severing of their very, very small genital…

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  3. A1 real nigga

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  5. Where’s this girl’s family with a little :street justice”?

  6. Your dumb whoever wrote this none of this happened. And he respects women to the fullest !!! Real nigga a1 since day 1

    • LOL, your failed attempt at grammar shows that it is you who is the dumb one. He wouldn’t have been arrested if it didn’t happen. The filthy Muzzlamic scumbag did it. Also, please don’t use racist terms in comments on my site, thank you.

      • Lol this is funny who are you fake ass journalist fuck outta here with this bullshit twistin peoples words smh you’re sad and this site is a joke go do somethin better with your life rather than judging and insulting a religion fuckin white cracker

      • “He’s not even Muslim” – plenty of sources said he was. Nice taqiyya. Also, Islam is a religion, not a race.

  7. Lol that’s me n yall the fascist stupid mafuckas lol Me forcing a teen into prostitution sounds hella dumb that’s why I only did time for the gun fuck all you haters yall fags

  8. […] time Seattle-based Somali Muslim Samuel Neguse Rezene was on here, he had gotten in trouble for kidnapping a 14-year-old non-Muslim girl at gunpoint and forcing her […]

  9. cool job admin
    for the haters and and muslim sympathisers i say go fuck your mums

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