Your Daily Muslim: Oded Orbach

Oded Orbach

Oded Orbach

Muslims have a strange obsession with assault rifles. This fascination is especially bizarre considering that Islam is the “religion of peace.” Time and again we see the peaceful followers of Islam trying to smuggle their beloved AK-47’s to their kin who don’t have them. The weapons aren’t useful in prayer, nor do they have any spiritual function because Islam doesn’t teach violence against non-believers. Never mind Qur. 8:12, etc. 55-year-old US resident Muslim Oded Orbach is the latest in a long line of Muslims to attempt to smuggle weapons to jihadis in the Middle East.

Orbach met someone he believed was a jihadi online, and the two formed a bond. Orbach and his co-conspirator/f**k buddy(?) Alwar Pouryan decided their relationship was ready for a third. They met with their jihadi friend’s connections in Ghana, Ukraine, and Romania, and discussed selling various weapons deals. Specifically, grenade launchers, anti-tank missiles, and assault rifles were among the arms Pouryan and Orbach mentioned they had access to. Despite Islam’s strict stance against drugs, the jihadi explained to the men that the weaponry was needed to defend some of the Taliban’s heroin production facilities from aerial attacks, and of course, the men were totally cool with it. The final deal totaled over $25 million.

However, as is the case with so many of the other Muslims on this site, the “jihadi” was actually working for the US government. The men’s trip to Romania would be the end of their third-wheel tryst. Pouryan and Orbach were arrested and extradited to the US. Orbach has not been sentenced yet, but Pouryan got 25 years + 10 years supervised release. I’m sure he’ll get much more action in prison than one or two of his fellow jihadis could give him. #AllahuCockbar

4 comments on “Your Daily Muslim: Oded Orbach

  1. you dont even know the real story please stop saying bad stuffs about Alwar Pouryan, if ALwar was a weapons dealer or what ever FALSE accusation you are putting against him he would have been a BILLIONNAIRE since a very long time.

  2. Alwar is paying the Price Of a crime he NEVER commited ! please understand that POURYAN was trying to save his country and capture the REAL CRIMINALS !!!!
    Sadly, we live in a world where money talks and if the Criminals are wealthy they will be free!!! People only believe what they want to believe and see what they want to see!

  3. Dear Ydm
    I’m a bit confused about this one.
    The name ‘Orbach” is jewish and the guy has an Israeli citizenship.
    Not that it realey matters, a schumbag is a schumbag, but I seriousley doubt he is muslim.

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