A semi-humorous blog chronicling the mischief of the religion of peace. I research individual Muslims who serve their religion in horrific ways and present their stories in a lighthearted manner. Content on here is an amalgam of news, satire, and opinion. Note: this site does not fabricate any of these stories; everything on here has been documented by other news outlets and/or firsthand accounts. Source information for a piece can be provided upon request. I try to find multiple sources on each featured Muslim before finalizing the piece. If you want your piece edited or your image removed, message me calmly with a reasoned explanation of your wishes and I will probably oblige. This site is more for entertainment than anything else. ENJOY! :D

If the content of this blog compels you to issue a fatwa or threat based on your prehistoric religion, please be informed that the threat will be relayed to the proper authorities and you will be prosecuted.

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  1. Dear your daily muslim. I invite you to accept Islam, the religion of truth, the religion of Allah Almighty and His beloved Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). Please accept the Oneness of Allah, Who does not have any partners. Islam is peace. Islam accepts all the Prophets including Prophet Jesus, a mighty Prophet of Allah who is not God and not the son of God.

  2. Nadeem, you are pretty clueless although I do admire your optimism.

    Take this opportunity to publically, vocally, and vehemently denounce the rampant violence and victimhood of your co-religionists and you will do more good for your religion than trying to convert others. Right now, your religion is mostly attractive to our society’s dredge — criminals and entitled whiny complainers.

  3. You filthy kafir will remember all that you ever wrote against God and his Prophet when you stand before them on the day of judgement,before you are cast in to hell fire. Enjoy your very fleeting life,which will one day come to an end. And do you think you will just become dust? A massive shock awaits you. Laugh and enjoy what you have. Eternity in hell awaits you,the loser.

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