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Your Daily Muslim: Murgan Salem al-Gohary

Murgan Salem al-Gohary, looking like a typical angry Muslim

Murgan Salem al-Gohary, a prominent Egyptian Islamic cleric, has called for the destruction of the only tourist attractions Egypt has to offer to us kuffars – the sphinx and the pyramids. He claims the monuments are idolatrous and blasphemous against Islam. One can understand why he would want the sphinx removed; he likely feels guilty about jerking it to the thought of that creature. The pyramids, on the other hand… 1) owww 2) uhh, I thought that was forbidden in Islam?

One comment on “Your Daily Muslim: Murgan Salem al-Gohary

  1. […] cleric Murgan Salem al-Gohary, as we learned in part 1, hates all things non-Muslim. When interviewed about the recent terror attack at the Boston […]

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