Your Daily Muslim: Suraia Sahar

Suraia Sahar

Afghan-Canadian Muslim activist Suraia Sahar caused quite a stir during an anti-war protest staged during a ceremony honoring troops killed in battle. Suraia, you may not have noticed yet, but Canada is a civilized country and doesn’t force its women to wear ridiculous ninja costumes. She doesn’t care about freedom or the sacrifices made for it; why else would she be caterwauling about Canadian troops blowing up Taliban scum? (Not that Taliban members don’t already blow themselves up; I hear Muslims have a propensity for doing that.)

As for Suraia’s anti-troops beliefs: I thought killing terrorists and oppressors was a good thing? Apparently Suraia would rather have her rights taken away than have the option of ditching the ridiculous ninja outfit (which is so three years ago, btw.)

Here’s Suraia’s screeching frenzy:


7 comments on “Your Daily Muslim: Suraia Sahar

  1. What a racist and ill-informed article. Your ignorance astounds me. Muslims have a propensity for blowing themselves up? Then I suppose middle aged white men have a propensity for commit mass shootings? You should really get your ass out of your head or at least a real education. Then come back and write a decent article with ACTUAL facts. Dumb prick.

    • 1) Islam is a religion, not a race. Unlike being white or black, being a Muslim is entirely a choice.
      2) Young white men are, demographically, more likely to go on a shooting spree than middle-aged. I studied criminology in college.
      3) “Get your ass out of your head” should be “get your head out of your ass.” Proper grammar is an important professional skill.

  2. friend in as much as u may want to ignore the fact that within human beings we vary in many things, it remains to be manifested in our thinking and the way we carry our day to day lives. for something to be right of wrong it doesnt have to be how it is perceived rather when used in the long run, what benefits does it bestow on the society. Islam has shown that for a long time, no one ever forced another to wear hijab, its the will of a believer to wear hijab, am sorry cuz u guys come up will ill informed motives and brand them on Islam, that is not what islam is. it is ur perception of islam which is out-rightly misconstrued. the best things to do is get ur facts straight then talk about them. dont tell us what u think about islam, it is not important, if we all had to limit and dictate to people what they should do and what they shouldnt do, the whole world would be fighting, let the muslims be muslims and u guys be whatever u wana be and accept the fact that its reality that people have different endeavours and they have the right to do what they feel fit for themselves.

    • No one has ever been forced to wear a hijab? Look at present-day Iran and Saudi Arabia. Hell, even in parts of the UK and Belgium now, uncovered women are heckled and harassed by Muslim men. Also, your word choice also makes you sound like a rabid new-age leftist hippie whose head is so far up her anus she can see the sun. Islam is a religion of violence. Get educated. http://thereligionofpeace.com/

  3. “The video is private. Sorry about that” Says you tube

  4. There is no hope for Afghanistan since USA is bankrolling pakistan which in turn is funding, arming and giving shelter to taliban and sundry terrorist groups. pakistan hopes to get a taliban led govt. amenable to paki influence in Afghanistan after the US exits in 2014. pakistan is doing all it can to ensure the demise of democracy in Afghanistan so that it has adequate supply of terrorists in future to keep its Kashmir hopes alive. America, comprehensively beaten in afghanistan and continuously cuckolded by pakistan is just looking to get out at the earliest leaving the rest of the world to clean up after them. Right now afghanistan is being run by the most corrupt government aided by the most corrupt police and a motley assortment of local and regional militias some of them ex taliban. The population is terrorized by the police in the daytime and the taliban in the night. The Afghan army is too small, totally untrained and not adequately armed for the kind of opposition they will be up against next year. pakistan is providing the latest and the best, in good quantities to the taliban while the afghan army and police do not even have enough fuel to patrol its areas. Most of the afghans are of the opinion that once US leaves, the police and the army will desert and join up with the taliban. USA totally screwed up any chance that may have existed for afghanistan by funding and arming pakistan and its brood of taliban and other terrorist groups.

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