Your Daily Muslim: Aminat Kurbanova

Aminat Kurbanova, before and after converting to Islam

Aminat Kurbanova’s story is an unfortunate one. A young Russian woman full of potential, she fell in love with a man whose brother converted him to Islam. Aminat soon converted as well. She decided to convert to Islam for her husband, and the two of them became involved in several radical Islamic groups and abandoned their previous civilized way of life. Aminat even decided to wear the traditional Islamic ninja costume. Her brother-in-law was then killed by police, as Islamic radicals often are. Her husband then joined his late brother’s friends and set out to kill some people to avenge his brother’s death and/or get some virgin vagina.

Her husband was later killed by police. She became depressed, but then found another Muslim man to marry since no non-Muslim would date a ninja. Aminat’s second husband was a strict believer in Qur. 4:34, Qur. 33:59, and other similar passages, and she fled.

Shortly thereafter, Aminat heard that a local Islamic cleric spoke against the increasing radicalization of Muslims in Russia’s Dagestan region. I know that sounds hard to believe, but apparently it happened. Of course, this was unacceptable to now-rabid Aminat, since the Qur’an calls for violence all the time. She decided to make like that Ke$ha song and “Blow” inside the cleric’s mosque, killing 8, herself included.

Hopefully Aminat is enjoying the 72 dicks she earned. Simultaneously.

4 comments on “Your Daily Muslim: Aminat Kurbanova

  1. Stupid, deluded biatch..

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