Your Daily Muslim: Yousef al-Khattab

Now that’s not nice…

Yousef al-Khattab converted to Islam from Judaism in 2000 and has since become increasingly radicalized, likely due to spending more time reading the Qur’an and kissing the floor five times daily. The founder of now-defunct jihadi website Revolution Muslim, al-Khattab started tons of protests calling for the destruction of Israel and has even annoyed fellow Muslims with his constant screeching.

Liberals LOVE al-Khattab – not only has he turned on Israel and converted to Islam, he also supported Occupy Wall Street and helped organize one of that movement’s rancid homeless/druggie/hipster orgies.

He was interviewed by noted biologist, atheist commentator, and author Richard Dawkins in 2006. Here is the most shocking excerpt from the interview.

Yousef: “Fix your women-“
Richard: “Fix my women? That’s not my business, that’s women’s business.”
Yousef: “When you take your women and dress them like whores-“
Richard: “I don’t dress the women, they dress themselves.”

The underlying issue here is freedom (in addition to fashion sense.) Clearly Yousef doesn’t understand that women “dressing like whores” isn’t a bad thing, and should be appreciated by all straight men – do I smell a closet case here? Anyway, it’s the right of women to dress how they want and Yousef is yet another Muslim who doesn’t comprehend that. The Qur’an’s argument against women wearing clothing other than ninja costumes, which is that men won’t be able to control their lust and will rape women who wear revealing clothing, doesn’t give men enough credit in terms of their ability to respect women as they should. Just because Muhammad was a pedophile and an adulterer doesn’t mean every man is.

15 comments on “Your Daily Muslim: Yousef al-Khattab

  1. You should also share this article.
    Lord Gilbert Suggests Dropping A Neutron Bomb On Pakistan-Afghanistan Border .http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/2012/11/26/lord-gilbert-neutron-bomb_n_2190607.html.

    Biased idiot.

    • While I agree the dude’s stance is idiotic, it comes as a response to increasing violence and terror from MUSLIMS out of that region. The UK won’t go in and bomb random deserts for no reason; they have an image to maintain.

      Your blog says, “Lets learn about one other and grow together in peace” – yet all you talk about is Islam, a religion which openly calls for the subjugation and slaughter of gays, infidels, and liberated women. That and your negativity toward my blog = you’re not about peace and growing together. You didn’t make an argument; you called me biased and threw an ad hominem character attack without trying to discredit the points I presented about your miserable religion.

      Also, HuffPo? *Rolls eyes*

  2. Do you even know the real Islam?, or is your source the media, a propaganda machine, whose main objective is to work for the wealthy?. Maybe once they are done killing all the Muslims and drink up all the resources, maybe you will be next to be enslaved. Greed and stupidity has no bounds

    Here is some free information, look up AL qaeda, who made them, wahabism, who made them and how they came into power. History does not tell lies, so start reading what was behind and you will understand why you are the way you are today.

    But your blog says it all Pro-Israel, right. You guys are first class citizens while all of humanity is 2nd, So its okay when you go on your killing and hunting, as apparently the GOD that created all of humanity, gave you the permission to do whatever you like. Thats the level of your intelligence.

    noam chomsky etc.

    You roll your eyes because I posted from Huffpost, maybe I should post something from the institutions that are well controlled and biased, Thats the only thing you are conditioned to trust right. Well done.

    • I have studied the real Islam in an academic context. I know it’s not all violence and its holy books contain a lot of passages that teach compassion, but there are far too many of its teachings that are completely incompatible with the concepts of human rights and individual liberty (what can I say, I’m not married and I like getting laid.) Don’t even get me started on the warlord-pedophile “prophet” Muhammad. He makes Attila the Hun look like Gandhi by comparison.

      Also, you’re fucking paranoid if you think the “propaganda machine” is out to kill Muslims. Whenever I turn on the news, all I see is Israel-bashing. Stop trying to play the victim. It’s not gonna work here.

  3. Please do show me the truth about the Prophet Muhammed, and where Islam does not teach human rights etc. Its going to be a lengthy debate but I will beat you silly. So be prepared,

    No one is playing victim, facts speak otherwise. Thanks

  4. I see, you post the same garbage from the Ali Sina guy, it seems he has a lot of idiots following him on wordpress spouting his rubbish, maybe you guys are the same person/persons, following that deranged idiot. I will get back to you, going to be a lot of reading for you, hope you are willing too. See you soon.

  5. I just realized, I think the write of this book, should get the 50k?, what do you think?


  6. haaha, I was waiting for this reply, I had to test your intellectual capacity, and you were never clearly going to have a logical debate. Did you even read the glossary.

    At least you proved , you never even compared the information on the link you gave me to what was in this book.

    78) [78] This is some people’s viewpoint which is contested by many others who say that she was much older than that. In sunny Arabia, maturity age may be as early as 8.

    What the above means, is according to Hadith ( Narration ), there are many variations and so it cannot be taken as factual. Do I need to explain how narrations are graded?, similar to how ALL historians grade historical facts. This is like kindergarten historical information.

    Many other narrations state she was 16 to 28. also Marriage does not mean coition. Only dirty minded individuals would think like that. Again you lack historical knowledge.

    Wardlord? – I suggest reading history, lets point out real warlords. Some here

    Big difference in fighting for power and the other for defense, ( allowed to live. )

    Anyways you are a waste of time, no matter how much real information you will be given, you will believe in lies, because that is your nature. Peace and hope you get better.

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  8. You cannot be a Muslim and also a supporter of “Israel” which was based on a racist and twisted mentality called “Zionism”. I respect all the Jews of the world except those who espouse the Zionist views.

  9. […] mufti Ismail Menk, violently homophobic sheikh Khalid Yasin, recently-arrested anti-Semite Yousef al-Khattab, and terror-enabling imam Abu Taubah, among plenty of others. Instead of being a […]

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