Your Daily Muslim: Abdel Hamid al-Atras

Abdel Hamid al-Atras

Abdel Hamid al-Atras

Egyptian Islamic cleric Abdel Hamid al-Atras, aka Fatwa Factory Inc., has issued some of the most asinine and ridiculous fatwas to date. Here are a few of his gems:

  • Facebook is forbidden. After reading that 1 in 5 divorces in Egypt was caused by infidelity with someone met through the scandalous sex site Facebook, al-Atras decided to issue a fatwa against it in the interest of preserving families. Since, you know, Facebook has never helped a family stay connected.
  • Any Muslim country that helps the US or Israel is sinning. He cited the Qur’an passage that states “believers are brothers” when issuing this decree, saying that Muslim nations must not help non-Muslim nations.
  • Jews should be banned from Islamic holy sites. Under the false belief (much like Islam) that Muslims cannot enter Jerusalem, he stated that the Islamic concept of reciprocity thus forbade Jews from entering Muslims’ holy places. I doubt most Jews would want to go to terror training camps, though – hence why I suspect very few Jews were dismayed at the fatwa. On a similar note, November 2012’s Muslim of the Month Yusuf al-Qaradawi issued a fatwa against Muslims visiting Jerusalem.
    Hopefully al-Atras’ next fatwa is as comical as his previous bunch. I bet it’ll have something to do with boobs.

    2 comments on “Your Daily Muslim: Abdel Hamid al-Atras

    1. its good to understand things, fb can only be said to be haram when it interferes with the set up of the community, i wouldnt want to live in adulterous society, may be u would be happy but its filth. we are supposed to condone anything that brings separation withing the human race and support anything that enjoins humankind into one family. if fb proves otherwise, why should we be having it? in islam, in as much as water is very needed for life, if it harms one, then it becomes forbiden to such person hence an alternative will be sought. the israel are fighting Palestinians day in day out, its bad to let them do that, and the whole world is watching and the likes of u are laughng. no human is supposed to kill another for whatever reasons, that is Palestinian soil, where did israel come from? they were given refuge yes but they are taking more than necessary. its not fair to bombard a community which has no army and soldies with well trained soldiers in the name of fighting terrorism. palestinians kill themselves each day cuz israel has given them no reason to live for, and instead of waiting for the scards to land and kill their kinsmen, they decided to take it to the streets and die with the israels. by all means jews supersede the idea of being called human, if they can butcher other human beings in that fashion in the name of retaliation for an attack that wasnt always there. they shouldnt be let any where near muslims sites.

      • It’s disturbing how you dehumanize Jews… Palestinians have been asking for more and more, and flinging more and more rockets into Israel when Israel hasn’t done anything of the sort. Israeli military operations are targeted, since their military doesn’t consist of a bunch of crazy mujahideen. Your beloved Palestinians also need to work on their aim… right now, it seems like their rocket rainstorms are targeted at civilian areas.

        Also, adultery is fucking great, no pun intended. Consensual sex isn’t dirty, filthy, or evil. It’s an enjoyable act shared between two or more people, nothing more, nothing less. You want to know what sex WAS filthy, though? Muhammad boinking his 9-year-old wife, Aisha. That was gross and wrong.

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