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Your Daily Muslim: Abdullatif Aldosary

Yet another angry Muslim.

Yet another angry Muslim.

Abdullatif (not to be confused with Latifah) Aldosary is a normal Iraqi immigrant Muslim – clearly unhappy and angry at the west. After an arrest for four counts of aggravated harassment, charges brought upon him after a Homeland Security investigation, Aldosary avoided crime for a few years. That was, until this past week. He planted a bomb outside an Arizona Social Security office, then fled the scene as the device detonated. The entrance and a nearby car were charred, and thankfully no one was injured.

Neighbors stated that Aldosary had “a history of making threats.” Unlike most Muslim bombers who immediately go for their virgins, Aldosary clearly had more sinister plans in mind since he opted not to enter his eternal orgy. The nature of his plans remains to be seen, once the investigation has concluded.

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