Your Daily Muslim: Carnita Matthews

Carnita Matthews impersonating the Nazgul

Carnita Matthews impersonating the Nazgul

Carnita (not to be confused with carnitas, a kind of pork) Matthews is a prime example of Islamists using their religion as a defense when caught engaging in crime. Not only did she drive (many rigid Islamists forbid women from driving, e.g. Saudi Arabia), she got pulled over, which is arguably inevitable seeing as she was a woman driver. A white male officer pulled her over for improper license plate display, and she immediately played the “you’re victimizing me because I’m a Muslim!” card. She also called him racist, which is pathetic because Islam is a religion, not a race. She then continued blithering at breakneck speed while the officer stood there, dumbfounded at the depths to which this woman would sink to try to get away with her minor traffic violation. She filed a complaint against the officer, which was refuted by the cop car’s video recording.

Matthews was charged with filing a false complaint. When in court, she told her lawyer to say that, because she was fully covered by her niqab, there is no way for the officer to tell it was her. This is absolutely ridiculous because her plates, though displayed incorrectly, were still current and were still on camera. Matthews was sentenced to 6 months in jail. The local Muslim community is sticking up for her, saying she shouldn’t be sentenced like other criminals because she has spawned seven children, the more rotund of which could easily be mistaken for garbage bags. Muslims asking for other Muslims to be given special treatment… not a dangerous path to be walking down at all…

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