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Your Daily Muslim: Abdullah Hakim Quick

“Last night, I took a dick this big!”

Islamic Sheikh Dr. Abdullah Hakim Quick is the head of the history department at the al Maghrib Institute in Toronto. He openly hates pretty much everyone except Muslims. In one speech, he asked Allah to purge the “filth of the Christians and the Jews.” When confronted about this, he claimed it was a spiritual purging (eerily reminiscent of Muslims saying jihad is “inner spiritual holy war.”) He also opposes “lazy Muslims” who are not devout and stringent in their faith; in other words, moderate Muslims.

Another priceless quote of Quick’s is on the subject of homosexuals: “They said ‘What’s the Islamic position [on homosexuality]?’ And I told them: ‘Put my name in the paper. The punishment is death. And I’m not going to change this religion.'” At least he openly acknowledges the violent anti-gay passages in Islam’s sacred texts. Sadly, he’s too spineless to oppose his invisible supernatural entity’s cruel stance.

Quick’s Facebook – I suggest posting pictures on his wall of Jewish gays making out

One comment on “Your Daily Muslim: Abdullah Hakim Quick

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