Your Daily Muslim: Colleen LaRose

Colleen LaRose transforming from white trash into a ninja

Colleen LaRose transforming from white trash into a ninja

Colleen “Jihad Jane” LaRose was born and raised in the USA by a non-Muslim family. She dropped out of school in middle school, which explains her general lack of common sense and thus her decision to convert to a religion that oppresses women. In 2007, she began posting crap on MySpace saying she supported Palestine and jihad, along with plenty of photos that made her look 100% trailer trash and around 90% lesbian.

She began networking with jihadis online, and turned to Allah for guidance in her jihad. When she learned of Swedish cartoonist Lars Vilks, who had drawn the prophet Muhammad, she felt it was her calling to plot his demise. LaRose talked to her online mujahideen buddies and organized an assassination. However, the FBI was on her trail. She stole her boyfriend’s passport and flew to Europe to organize with her co-conspirators, but apparently never made it into Sweden. When she flew back to the US, she was greeted with open arms by a warm, loving prison cell and now has a lifetime to kiss all sorts of rugs. The hit on Vilks was thwarted, and LaRose’s co-conspirators overseas were also captured.

2 comments on “Your Daily Muslim: Colleen LaRose

  1. Should be also called Your Daily Idiot ! 🙂

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