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Your Daily Muslim: Ali Beheshti

Extreme Makeover: Iran Edition!

Extreme Makeover: Iran Edition!

Iranian Islamic cleric Ali Beheshti was enjoying a stroll when something horrific caught his eye: a woman whose head wasn’t entirely covered. Seeing this injustice against his beloved invisible supernatural entity, Beheshti confronted the woman and told her to properly cover herself. However, the woman wasn’t having any of it and decided to spit in Beheshti’s face and go all Charlie’s Angels on his ass, which resulted in the above “after” picture. The incident serves as further proof that Muslim women really ARE ninjas (they dress the part!)

After the assault, Beheshti said he would continue reprimanding women for trying to have even the smallest of liberties. Apparently getting the shit kicked out of him didn’t teach him why he shouldn’t be a sexist douchebag.

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