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Your Daily Muslim: Hazem Shuman

Hazem Shuman, the unloved

Hazem Shuman

“Jews are a cancer in the body of planet Earth; getting rid of them is a must.”

Hitler fanboy Hazem Shuman is an Egyptian Islamic cleric who kinda looks like an Amish caveman. His stringent Islamic beliefs are almost as antiquated as his appearance. Hoping to rally support for Egyptian action against Israel, Shuman stated, “I address them on behalf of 85 million Egyptians, whose hearts beat with hatred for the Jews, and with the knowledge of what the Jews did to us and of how Allah warned us about them… I tell them that the battle is bound to come, Allah be praised.” He then went on to say that the end of the world would come when Muslims fought Jews (and Shuman saw this as a good thing.)

“Oh offspring of apes and pigs, the day of vengeance is nearing.” Hey, Shuman, if you want to convert people to your religion, maybe you should make your god sound like less of a dick. Then again, that’s really all Allah knows how to be, per the Qur’an.

Another priceless quote from Shuman on the subject of Jews: “The Jews of today are the Jews of Khaybar, who tried to poison the Prophet Muhammad. They are the Jews of Banu Nadhir, who tried to kill the Prophet Muhammad. They are the Jews of Banu Qaynuqa’, who tried to lift up a Muslim woman’s dress. Jews will be Jews.” OK, for one, a stereotype-driven statement like “Jews will be Jews” should reference wealth acquisition, not rape and murder. Muslims have rape and murder pretty well covered; just look at Norway and the Middle East.

Shuman also hates Valentine’s Day, likely because no one has ever loved him. Looking at his appearance, that’s actually fairly easy to understand. He said that Valentine’s Day was a “virus” more dangerous than HIV/AIDS or Ebola because of the sins it drives young Muslims to commit. I dare Shuman to tell that to the face of anyone with HIV/AIDS or Ebola. He’d get a long overdue ass-whooping.

In February, I propose a mass outreach to Shuman: every Jewish man should ask him to be their valentine.

One comment on “Your Daily Muslim: Hazem Shuman

  1. Happy Valentine’s Day!!! from an educated Canadian Jewish woman!! ❤

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