Your Daily Muslim: Shamim Akhtar

Note the impending facepalm in the background.

Note the impending facepalm in the background.

Shamim Akhtar is an overbearing Islamic mother and grandmother from the UK who somewhat resembles an ogre. A 59-year-old mother to eight children, Akhtar insisted upon arranging a marriage for her daughter, Naila Afsar. The man Akhtar chose for Naila was none other than Naila’s own cousin. After a very brief period in which the would-be couple got to know each other, Naila was sufficiently weirded out and told her mother she was looking to date other men.

Akhtar wasn’t having any of that, so she contacted one of her sons and sons-in-law. Naila married another man, and the family trio’s attempts to threaten the couple by breaking into their apartment were unsuccessful. Naila’s brother hit her for having brought “shame and disgrace on the family.” I’d say incest is much more disgraceful than marrying someone you love… oh wait, we’re dealing with Islam here, incest is pretty tame for the crazy shit that’s to be expected.

Akhtar told her daughter, “you’re worse than a prostitute, you should be killed,” for marrying outside of the arrangement. While Naila was trying to repair relations with her family, Akhtar, her son, and her son-in-law drugged Naila and put her in the back of a car to attempt to take her back to their home. A police officer pulled the vehicle over and the three attempted kidnappers were taken into custody.

The three were tried and convicted. Each received 4-5 years behind bars.

6 comments on “Your Daily Muslim: Shamim Akhtar

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  4. Please DO NOT insult “Ogres”. OGRES are much more attractive & have certain human & entertaining qualities; unlike this bloody SEE YOU IN TEE Shamim Akhtar.

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