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Your Daily Muslim: Yassir Barhami

Yassir Barhami

Yassir Barhami

Yassir Barhami is a crazy old pedophile cleric who helped draft Egypt’s new constitution. He said, “it is permissible for the girl at the age of 9 or 10 to marry,” while discussing his Salafist Islamic views. He used the Qur’an to back up his assertion, adding that girls should begin having children when they begin ovulating, around age 14. His statement caused quite a bit of controversy (even in Islamic Egypt), and even caused a more liberal member of the constitution-drafting committee to leave. Apparently such resignations or sudden departures from the committee by moderates are becoming commonplace. Barhami also suggested reducing the legal marriage age.

Barhami’s comments fueled an ultimatum from the liberal members of the constitution-drafting committee: cut out a lot of the crazy Sharia crap or they’d leave. Here’s the problem: the Salafis aren’t gonna surrender their campaign to institute the most austere interpretation of Sharia in Egypt, and the liberals will walk out into an oppressed society they could’ve helped prevent.

As the above image suggests, Barhami says that Christians should be dealt with as the Jews of Medina were. What happened to the Jews of Medina? They were beheaded, and the women and children were taken by Muslims to be slaves.

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