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Your Daily Muslim: Ali Mohamed Mohamud

Ali Mohamed Mohamud shortly before being sentenced

Ali Mohamed Mohamud shortly before being sentenced

We all know Muslim parents are strict, but none compare to psychotic Ali Mohamed Mohamud (not to be confused with failed Portland bomber Mohamed Mohamud.) Mohamud is a Somali Muslim immigrant to the USA. He had repeatedly threatened his 10-year-old stepson, Abdifatah, if the boy didn’t finish his homework. Abdifatah had even told his teachers at the Islamic private school he attended that his father would kill him if he failed his tests. While this could have been a ploy to get easy grades, let’s be honest: you’re dealing with Muslims. Any mention of a death threat is probably legitimate.

One night, Abdifatah knew his father was about to explode (not in the way most Muslims do, though.) Seeing an opportunity, Abdifatah bolted out of the house and began running down the street. A neighbor saw him and stopped to talk to him. After the boy explained he didn’t want to go back to his crazy stepfather, the neighbor ignored him and drove him back, claiming the boy would be fine. Abdifatah would not be seen alive after that.

Once his stepson was home, Mohamud bound and gagged him, then grabbed a rolling pin and bashed him approximately 70 times with it. Mohamud was sentenced to 25 years to life for the murder.

One comment on “Your Daily Muslim: Ali Mohamed Mohamud

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