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Your Daily Muslim: Muhammad Fahmi Alias

Muhammad Fahmi Alias smiling because he got away with being a pedo

Muhammad Fahmi Alias smiling because he got away with being a pedo

Muhammad Fahmi Alias is a Malay pedophile who has no skill at being one. Lacking the requisite creepy mustache, bag of candy, and suspicious van, he instead decided to befriend a 12-year-old girl, Nuur Fazira Saad, and try to charm his way into her pants. He is 19.

Alias met ninja-costume-clad Nuur around the neighborhood, and the two became friends. Alias wanted to get friendlier with her, though. One night, Nuur visited him and his family and they shared a meal. She did not return home the following morning.

Assuming his daughter’s virginity had been lost, Nuur’s father called Alias and the two met. Nuur’s father demanded that Alias marry the 12-year-old, a demand which was quickly complied to. Nuur consented, claiming she was ready to be a bride. When asked about the decision to have his daughter get married, Nuur’s father said: “It is better for them to get married rather than doing something that is improper.”

Now, here’s the really disturbing quote, from Alias himself: “It is better for us to get married rather than get involved in an illicit relationship.” WHOA WHOA WHOA. Hold up there, Michael Jackson. You’re saying that there’s nothing illicit or wrong about your 19-year-old self having sex with a 12-year-old because your primitive culture based on a book says it’s OK? She’s 12, she should be listening to crappy pop music and going to the mall with friends instead of staying at home pretending to be a grown woman/ninja. Alias, is your “wife” even ready to have sex? What about when she gets pregnant at 13? That isn’t healthy or appropriate. However, because of that, I can imagine there are tons of people trying to get on the Malay version of “16 and Pregnant.”

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  1. Mohammad had sex with a 9yr old Aisha, and muslims are obligated to “Emulate” him, he also handed out women to be raped as “War Booty” so this isn’t surprising, this man allows a paedophile to have sex with his kid if they are “Married” shows how brain washing is effective!

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