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Your Daily Muslim: Nabil al-Awadi

Nabil al-Awadi demonstrating the trademark Muslim finger point

Nabil al-Awadi demonstrating the trademark Muslim finger point

“We Arab Muslims must start thinking of producing nuclear bombs. We can finance that with our petrodollars, and use Egyptian brains to make that dream come true. Our prophet Muhammad ordered us, ‘to prepare everything possible to fight the infidels.’ These people understand only the language of power. We’ll tell the world: either you submit to Islam, or you’ll have to die.”

Kuwaiti Islamic cleric Nabil al-Awadi is downright crazy and makes unintentional innuendos. He is known for preaching about “the need to adhere to the Qur’an and Sunnah and for all to seek repentance and rectification” – in other words, al-Awadi is a strict Islamist who wants to kill us all for not believing in some 7th-century book.

“The companions of our prophet Muhammed used to gather to remember death so that they would benefit their souls by increasing in fear of Allah and strive to gain His pleasure.” Well, this is a revelation. I knew Muslims liked bending over five times a day, but I was unaware they did so to gain Allah’s pleasure… oh my. I think the “submission to Islam” thing just got a whole new meaning. Getting penetrated by Allah? That’s a new one.

al-Awadi also stated that Americans did not liberate Kuwait; the hand of Allah used American troops to do so. He is equally deluded about medicine, stating: “I know of many cases of Muslims who were infected with cancer. They drank water from Mecca and were completely cured. You just need to believe in it, believe in Islam and his prophet.” Yes, because drinking questionably-sanitary water blessed by an invisible supernatural entity is going to cure cancer. It has nothing to do with the body’s own responses or the placebo effect. He is also reported to have wished HIV and natural disasters upon infidels, but seriously, what Islamic cleric hasn’t done that?

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