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Your Daily Muslim: Abdallah Fahd Abd al-Aziz al-Nafisi

He looks like a villain from a shitty action movie

Abdallah Fahd Abd al-Aziz al-Nafisi

Most professors dream of educating the masses. Kuwaiti professor Abdallah al-Nafisi instead dreams of killing them with anthrax.

It is unknown what al-Nafisi teaches; likely chemical engineering since that’s the go-to major for Islamists. In a televised speech, he explained anthrax could be transported into the US in a small vessel by a “fighter,” then said it could kill hundreds of thousands of Americans if “properly spread.” Maniacally, he called the hypothetical anthrax carrier “courageous” and dramatically acted out the dispersal of the “confetti” on the White House lawn.

He detailed his personal knowledge of al Qaeda’s laboratories in northern Afghanistan, in which he claims bioweapons were being prepared. He also explained terror group Hezbollah’s weapon sales to militant groups in Romania and Hungary. Calling upon his audience, he said: “If anyone calls someone a terrorist, say ‘he’s a friend of mine’ Why? Because these ‘terrorists’ are the world’s most God-fearing people. They are the most honorable people in the world, the best people in the world.” If they were honorable, they wouldn’t resort to hiding in caves and kidnapping journalists when severely outgunned by the actual best people in the world: the civilized world.

al-Nafisi then elaborated that there are numerous white supremacist groups in the US plotting against the federal government and nuclear facilities. His thoughts on the matter: “May Allah grant them success.” al-Nafisi, may Allah grant you an eternity of anthrax affliction.

He then rambled on about the anti-Semitism present in the Qur’an. Opposing coexistence, he declared: “Whoever talks about dialogue – cut off his tongue!” You know those “Coexist” bumper stickers your hippie neighbors have on their car? Completely delusional. The Qur’an itself is proof that Islam CANNOT coexist with other religions. To quote al-Nafisi, “Allah said that our hostility toward the Jews is eternal.” Here’s a more accurate Coexist bumper sticker. Give these to your leftist friends, and show them this site as well as Jihad Watch, Atlas Shrugs, and TheReligionOfPeace.com. Education is empowerment.

One comment on “Your Daily Muslim: Abdallah Fahd Abd al-Aziz al-Nafisi

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