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Your Daily Muslim: Nazira Akhtar

Nazira Akhtar trying to hide her double chin under her hijab

Nazira Akhtar trying to hide her double chin under her hijab

Nazira Akhtar is the third woman with that last name I’ve written about on here, and like the other two, she’s on here because she caused bodily harm to one of her family members. Having just bought a new ninja costume (like what most Muslim women wear) and desperate to practice her ninjutsu skills, Akhtar was itching for a fight.

Nazi-ra (a relative of Mothra), along with her sister Nadiya and brother Kayum Mohammed-Abdul, were spying on their younger, westernized sister Shamima (NOT to be confused with Shamim Akhtar) as she met with a non-Muslim guy. When they saw her kiss him, the trio flew into a rage. Nazi-ra immediately let loose. She began yelling at Shamima for her lack of respect for an ancient religion founded by a pedophile. Nadiya and Kayum Mohammed-Abdul soon joined in the cacophonous chorus. The man Shamima had kissed looked at the ninja-outfit-clad Nazira and Nadiya quizzically, wondering why there were ninjas in the modern-day UK.

Kayum Mohammed-Abdul threatened the man Shamima had been kissing while Nadiya and Nazira took Shamima into their parked car. Practically stealing a quote from Shamim Akhtar, Nazira called Shamima a prostitute before punching her.

Once home, the abuse continued. Shamima was forcefully thrown onto a couch by her sisters. Kayum Mohammed-Abdul pulled out a hammer and a knife and showed them to Shamima, saying she needed to pick one to be used on herself and one to be used on the man she had been kissing. Shamima continued crying, so Nazira repeatedly punched her. Kayum Mohammed-Abdul cheered Nazira on, so with Nadiya’s help, Nazira cut off most of Shamima’s hair. After twelve hours of abuse, Shamima was able to get to a phone and call the police.

Nazira, Nadiya, and Kayum Mohammed-Abdul denied any wrongdoing because what they did would be considered a good thing under Islam – Shamima would have to wear a burqa due to her lost hair, and the trio felt she would be intimidated into not associating with evil western men anymore. All three are facing charges.

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