Your Daily Muslim: Salwa al-Mutairi

Salwa al-Mutairi's into tits.

Salwa al-Mutairi’s into tits.

Salwa al-Mutairi, like most Islamists, is batshit insane and has some rather thinly-veiled (no pun intended) kinks. After a failed run for Kuwaiti parliament, al-Mutairi realized she loved the spotlight. Unable to pull a Britney and flash her vag for attention in a Muslim country without being stoned to death, she consulted several Islamic scholars and issued what could be the most absurd and obscene statement from a Muslim ever: that Muslim men should be allowed to keep female prisoners from non-Muslim countries as sex slaves. Her reasoning: it would discourage adultery. Yep, since adultery is so much worse than sex slavery. Apparently having a sex slave is close enough to a marriage in al-Mutairi’s eyes, and the Qur’an’s description of Islamic marriages is of a similar perspective.

Wait, what? A WOMAN is arguing that men should be allowed to keep sex slaves? That doesn’t make sense… except it does if you assume al-Mutairi is married and is a closeted lesbian. If her husband had a sex slave, she wouldn’t have to please him as often, it might save her from being beaten when she turned away his advances (Qur’an 4:34), and her husband might even allow her to watch him bone other women. So, for a closeted lesbian like her, it’d be a real win-win.

To “defend” her statement, al-Mutairi said: “There was no shame in it and it is not haram (forbidden) under Islamic Sharia law.” She continued, “Better than to have our men engage in forbidden sexual relations.” So, under Islam, slavery and rape are OK, but consensual sex between adults outside of marriage is a crime. As for al-Mutairi’s description of the legalities associated with sex slave ownership: “The man just buys her and that’s it. That’s enough to serve as marriage.”

Watch an interview with al-Mutairi

7 comments on “Your Daily Muslim: Salwa al-Mutairi

  1. “Better than to have our men engage in forbidden sexual relations.” Oh poor men they! We should do anything to protect their chastity and pure innocent state of mind…

    Is this woman retarded?!

  2. the only merciful thing anyone could do to help this misguided zealout is, dig a hole and bury her upto her neck and stone her to death! and then yell, “allah is great”!

  3. someone feed her some pigfat huh or would she be eating herself then?

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