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Your Daily Muslim: Younus Abdullah Muhammad

Two fatties with awful hats

Cartman is scared Younus Abdullah Muhammad will wage jihad on his anus

Normally, society locks up the crazies who scream nonsensical garbage at whatever’s in front of them. However, in the case of NYC Muslim Eunuch Abdullah Muhammad (born Jesse Curtis Morton), society let him off because of his religion. One day, Muhammad decided to enlist a few local ninjas as a backdrop and get a crew to record his ravings. The result is not pretty; then again, anyone who tries to pull off the yeti look isn’t pretty. He ran Yousef al-Khattab‘s Islamist website revolutionmuslim.com and, from the looks of the video, probably spends his spare time yelling at walls.

In his rant, he claims that America’s goal is to conquer all Muslim lands (uhh, no, the parts that don’t have oil are just a shitty desert) and to rape and kill Muslims. Perhaps he should look at what his own religion is doing around the world in its varied jihad operations before trying to cast America in a negative light. Then again, hypocrisy and turning a blind eye to its faults are key tenets of Islam.

Muhammad then calls upon all Muslims to “rise up” and send their duaa (prayers) to the mujahideen resistance. He opposes “moderates” and “pacifists,” and calls upon Muslims to form an alliance against them. The religion of peace, opposing pacifists… never would’ve guessed.

He then cites the Qur’an verse that instructs Muslims not to be friends with or show affection towards the kuffar (non-Muslims), and goes on to say that the kuffar are at war with Muslims. His dive off the deep end really picks up speed here: he claims that any Muslim who has befriended a non-Muslim is an apostate. Yep, all (approximately) five “moderate” Muslims are actually infidels who just like to lick carpet (no double entendre intended.)

Everyone around Muhammad is, at this point, looking at him like he’s crazy (since he is.) His volume keeps increasing, but his message doesn’t become more relevant or logical as he then says that jihad is the only way for Muslims to gain a greater position in the world community. Muhammad continues, saying the end goal is to “implement the sharia” and concludes the statement with a booming (no pun intended) “to hell with democracy! To hell with America!” He then continues screaming “to hell with…” in a manner akin to the infamous Westboro Baptist Church’s random condemnations of everything from Sweden to Lady Gaga (Muslims also hate her.) The video fades out as Muhammad’s voice starts to give out on him.

In 2011, Muhammad was arrested in Morocco because of death threats he posted on revolutionmuslim.com against the creators of South Park. He was charged with the crime and now has an entire cell block to scream at for the next 11.5 years. See, some of my posts do have happy endings šŸ™‚

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