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Your Daily Muslim: Fatima Barijiyah

Fatima Barijiyah wouldn't be a good terrorist - she's quite possibly too wide to fit on an airplane.

Fatima Barijiyah wouldn’t be a good terrorist – she’s quite possibly too wide to fit on an airplane.

Fatima (emphasis on the “fat”) Barijiyah is a typical Palestinian mother, well, plus a few pounds but still nowhere near Elfi Yaghi in that regard. When not engorging herself, she raises her children and, like a lot of Palestinians, praises jihad. She claims she even taught her children to wage jihad against Israel through her breast milk, saying the message of resistance was inside it.

One of her sons, Imad, joined Hamas to be a militant. Fatima had taught him the “virtues” of martyrdom, and being young and impressionable, he listened to the mad cow. Sadly, his mother is actually proud of his life(-ending) decision. “Hey, neighbors, great news: my kid’s gonna be a suicide bomber!” …what further proof do you need to know that Islam is morally backward?

One comment on “Your Daily Muslim: Fatima Barijiyah

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