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Your Daily Muslim: Juma Ali Juma (DAILY DOUBLE!)

No image of Juma Ali Juma is available.

No image of Juma Ali Juma is available.

Juma Ali Juma (not to be confused with Jumanji) is a Tanzanian sheikh whose savage words drew the attention of the international community. Juma, in a speech at his mosque, told his congregation not to cooperate with non-Muslims or engage in their celebrations. Another local Muslim leader, sheikh Salim Barahiyan, had to cover for Juma and perform taqiyya (lying to preserve Islam) for the media: Barahiyan claimed Muslims were called to show tolerance for non-Muslims. However, anyone who knows anything about the Qur’an knows that the true stance of Islam toward non-Muslims is to kill them all. Apparently it counts as showing tolerance toward those who are different if there’s no one different remaining…?

Juma is quoted as having said: “Let me tell you if you came from a Christian father or mother, but you got assimilated, consider yourself you are lucky. But if one of your parents is deceased, you shouldn’t bury him or her, but just put him/her in the grave as if you doing it to a dead dog.” So basically he just called Christians dogs. Way to show religious tolerance, Juma. Will there be any punishment from the Islamic community for his virulent words? Nope. Apparently Juma’s mosque has quite a reputation as a center for hate speech.

One comment on “Your Daily Muslim: Juma Ali Juma (DAILY DOUBLE!)

  1. Islam not allowed people to do fasaad means killing people and destroying other things but islam stands for salaha and want people to live in pacient in their community. For more study the history of Muhammad sallallah alayhi wasallam. BUT YOU SHOULD KNOW THAT THERE ARE SOME MUSLIMS CALLED KHAWAARIJ HAS THIS ITIKADI OF FASSAD. AND THEY CHOOSE A WRONG WAY NOT A REAL ISLAM THE ISLAM ARE NOT SUPPORT THAT. THANK YOU

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