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Your Daily Muslim: Fuad Mohamed Khalaf

Fuad Mohamed Khalaf chilling with his al-Shabaab bros. And assault weapons.

Fuad Mohamed Khalaf chilling with his al-Shabaab bros. And assault weapons.

Growing up in what is the worst country in the world by all imaginable measures must be difficult. Somalia is a nation lacking infrastructure and stricken by poverty, disease, and violence. It’s a mostly Islamic country with few resources or products of value, and the nation’s elected officials have implemented sharia as a component of its judicial system. Enter Islamist terror/militant group al-Shabaab and one of its leaders, Fuad Mohamed Khalaf.

Khalaf was lucky – he got out of Somalia for twelve years and became an Imam at a mosque in Sweden. In Sweden, it was reported that he preached about the importance of jihad. He returned to his homeland in 2004 to begin working in sharia courts. No reason has been discovered for Khalaf’s departure from Sweden, so it is likely he was involved in illegal activities and sensed authorities were on his tail, hence his clear lifestyle downgrade. Moving from Sweden to Somalia like going from shopping at Saks Fifth Avenue to Big Lots.

In 2009, Khalaf participated in the stoning of a 13-year-old girl for not following the sharia dress code. In the west, we give 13-year-old girls detention for wearing shirts with adult language on them. In Somalia, they stone girls to death for wearing shirts instead of bedsheets.

Khalaf is also reported to have cut off a man’s hand for petty theft. The punishment was delivered after a sentence by a local sharia court. Currently, there is a $5 million bounty on Khalaf put out by the international justice community. As a response, Khalaf put a bounty of 10 camels on Obama’s head and 20 chickens on Hillary Clinton’s. That last sentence wasn’t a joke. That’s the kind of crap to be expected out of Somalia.

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