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Your Daily Muslim: Tareq al-Zumar

You can just tell his breath stinks.

You can just tell his breath stinks.

Tareq al-Zumar is a leader of Egypt’s Islamic Jihad organization. Needless to say, he is thoroughly off his rocker. In one interview, he attempted to portray the west as worse than al Qaeda, defended giving women and non-Muslims a lesser status, and called for sharia amputations as punishment. Islamic Jihad is a hard-line Islamist group that is trying to create an Islamic caliphate throughout the world. In 2011, the group merged with al Qaeda and has carried out numerous terror attacks and assassination attempts.

al-Zumar has called Islamic Jihad assassins “martyrs” and shows no remorse over the operations his group has carried out, even against those who released him and his brother after a long tenure as political prisoners. He has claimed that criticism of terrorists stems from Islamophobia and that coverage of terrorism in the media is part of a global plot he describes as “all-out war against Islam.” However, he conveniently forgets to mention Islam’s all-out war on women’s rights, LGBT rights, and the rights of non-Muslims.

When asked if his organization/political party would accept a woman or non-Muslim as as candidate for president in Islamic Egypt, his response was “…such a thing is not allowed.” See how respectful Islam is toward women, and how it gives them equal rights? Isn’t it a shining beacon of tolerance?

al-Zumar claims that sharia punishments, such as public floggings and amputations, are much more lenient than those of western nations. Let’s do some fun comparisons here:

Theft. Sharia: Amputation of a hand. The west: Fine issued based on the value of the items stolen, and/or short jail sentence.

Kissing in public. Sharia: Public flogging or caning, 10-40 strikes. The west: Collective cringes of “Eww, PDA.”

Sex outside of marriage. Sharia: Death. The west: Harmless fun.

Rape. Sharia: Victim must marry the rapist. The west: Significant prison sentence.

Homosexuality. Sharia: Death. The west: None.

Honor killing. Sharia: No punishment; this is a moral obligation. The west: Life in prison.

Being a non-Muslim. Sharia: Death or jizya tax, depending on the concentration of non-Muslims in the area. The west: Sees this as a good thing.

Now, al-Zumar, which one of these systems seems humane, and which is stuck in the barbaric seventh century?

al-Zumar continued, “If a society has thieves, what prevents us from chopping off the hands of a few of them in order to make society as a whole safer?” The thing is, this doesn’t work better than imprisonment – imprisonment keeps the offender away from the populace and is also a deterrent. However, that isn’t satisfactory for Islamists like al-Zumar, whose ravenous bloodthirst drives their legal system. He claims sharia punishment wouldn’t be implemented against each offender caught stealing, however there’s only one punishment for theft under the sharia… so we all know what would happen.

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  1. What should be a good punishment for being ugly AND a donkey at the same time as him?

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