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Your Daily Muslim: Abdulla Muthalib

Abdulla Muthalib

Abdulla Muthalib

Islamism and politics go hand in hand: they’re both run by old men and they’re both full of shit. Maldivian MP Abdulla Muthalib, a representative of the Islamist party, is a prime example of this. A chronic helium-huffer or perhaps just missing his nuts, Muthalib’s voice sounds like a castrato talking through his nose. His voice is almost as obnoxious as his crazy beliefs are.

“If a man and a woman are in a room alone, Satan will be there as the third person and will encourage sinful activities.” Why are all Muslims so afraid of sex, especially Muslim men? It’s like they’re all uncomfortable, like they all have tiny dicks or something and don’t want word of that to get out. In Muthalib’s case, it’s obvious his lack of testicles is his motive for trying to discourage sex. He also stated, “If we are to make our women nude and exposed, and then send them out to mingle with men, then why speak of protecting them?” Apparently Muthalib’s primitive brain doesn’t recognize the difference between a nude woman and an unveiled one, and that women can interact with men without having sex with them. Most men can at least use the stiffness of their genitals as a way to determine whether or not a woman is naked; unfortunately sackless Muthalib is unable to.

Further exposing his sexist thoughts and delusions, Muthalib continued addressing Maldivian parliament: “[Women’s] place is in their houses, to serve their husbands and look after children. If we give them the opportunity to go out and mingle then we can no longer talk about their dignity and protection. It is people who harass women who are now speaking in their defense here today.” I’m pretty sure any sane woman would rather occasionally be hit on than be forced to dress like the Nazgul. “Woman-in-the-kitchen” jokes may sometimes be humorous on the internet, but when the rule is applied to society, the result is appalling. Muthalib clearly doesn’t understand that women can protect and take care of themselves, since the Qur’an doesn’t treat women equally. Sadly, the Maldives are turning into a nation of rabid Islamists like Muthalib…

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