Your Daily Muslim: Najat Hamza

Najat Hamza behind her husband, accompanied by two other upstanding British citizens.

Najat Hamza behind her husband, accompanied by two other upstanding British citizens.

Najat Hamza is the wife of Abu Hamza and is just as crazy. When not getting penetrated by her husband’s hook-hand, Hamza is busy screeching at authorities that her terrorist husband is being treated unfairly. It’s more unfair that the UK spent over 1 million taxpayer-funded euro to keep him detained instead of turning him over to the various countries that want to try (read: execute) him for his extensive crimes.

Abu Hamza is currently in US custody, and Najat is raging. She claims that her husband has been unable to comb his hair in prison (because grooming is sooooooo important to Muslim men; most can’t even grow hair on their head) and that he is only rarely allowed to read the Qur’an, which inspired his terrorism. Najat also complains that her husband doesn’t know the direction in which to bend over for his five daily anal penetrations by his deity, possibly resulting in Allah’s invisible dick whacking him across the face.

Najat Hamza is currently living on public benefits in London with her seven spawn. She is almost never seen in public, and wears the Islamic ninja costume. She claims supporters of her husband will be rewarded by Allah, quite possibly by his aforementioned invisible penis.

4 comments on “Your Daily Muslim: Najat Hamza

  1. Electric chair for the whole sponging family.

  2. Typical from them demanding royal treatment wherever they go. Like, hello! It is prison!

  3. lol at how islam can make people stupid.

  4. […] for his missing eye and hook hand, Mostafa is somewhat of an icon of Islamic lunacy. His wife, Najat, has complained he isn’t able to jerk off to the pedophile rape scenes in the Qur’an in […]

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