Your Daily Muslim: Adil Rashid

Perhaps prison would've given Adil Rashid a taste of his own medicine

Perhaps prison would’ve given Adil Rashid a taste of his own medicine

Pedophilia and rape: beloved by the prophet Muhammad (pigs be upon him), and the favorite pastimes of UK Muslim Adil(do) Rashid. At age 18 and having lived in the UK for quite some time, one would expect him to have learned and adapted to the society’s civilized laws and standards of behavior. Nope, not in the case of a devout Muslim like Rashid, who molested a 13-year-old girl.

Rashid had attended an Islamic school, where he was taught how to butcher infidels, slaughter animals with a huge splatter radius, disregard women’s rights, and be a wart on the face of humanity. This was his defense when he was tried for the crime – the Islamic school had not taught him that rape was wrong, and that 13-year-old girls are underage. The idiot judge let him off without a prison sentence, which is basically condoning another rape. By saying that his Islamic schooling hadn’t taught him about the rights of girls, Rashid’s basically saying that Islam treats women like dirt, which brings us to this quote of Rashid’s:

“Women are no more worthy than a lollipop that has been dropped on the ground.” Yep, that’s what Rashid said he was taught at Muslim school, and he believes it. And yet brainwashed freaks like Yvonne Ridley claim the Qur’an is a groundbreaking revelation in women’s rights… maybe Ridley just likes it rough, but when monster after monster like Rashid keep popping out of Islamic schools, I’d say it’s time for some honest examination of the “education” being provided and the curricula.

3 comments on “Your Daily Muslim: Adil Rashid

  1. Leave me alone in a room with him for a bit, let me show him what this lollipop can do!

  2. […] then there wouldn’t be so many rapes in the Islamic world. We wouldn’t see vermin like Adil Rashid, Balal Khan, and Shamrez Rashid. If Islam taught men to respect women, we wouldn’t see forced […]

  3. […] system are dhimmis, or people who are culturally submissive to Islam. Because of this, rapists like Adil Rashid get away with their crimes due to “cultural differences” or some other such bullshit. […]

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