Your Daily Muslim: Fathi Hamad (Part 2)

Fatty Hammy's beard does a poor job of concealing his double chin

Fathi Hamad’s beard does a poor job of concealing his double chin

For part 1, click here.

Fatty Hammy is back at it again, so I figured the monstrous hog should get another post. As Interior Minister of Gaza, he has spoken openly in praise of jihadi terrorists, calling them “martyrs” and saying things like “we [Palestinians] desire death like you [Israelis] desire life.”

Hammy recently held a press conference which was broadcast on his network, al-Aqsa TV. In this conference, he called upon Palestinians to “be creative about the ways to get rid of this entity [Israel] to get rid of of this cancer, God willing.” Let’s see, how have Muslims been creative in their jihad thus far: anal explosives, breast-milk indoctrination, anthrax, and birth jihad. I doubt there are really any forms of jihad that have yet to be explored.

Hammy called upon jihadis to withdraw all funds and holdings from western-owned banks and companies, to purchase an arsenal with which to “humiliate the enemies of Allah.” Yep, you heard it from the pig’s mouth: Jews are the enemies of Allah. It’s in the Qur’an. And of course, he had to add that “we will sacrifice martyr after martyr” for the sake of Palestine. That’s a great way to treat your people, telling them to kill themselves. Hammy also admitted the Interior Ministry had collaborated with various terrorist/militant groups in Palestine to devise larger attacks against Israel. For those undecided regarding the Israel-Palestine conflict: ready to take sides yet?

2 comments on “Your Daily Muslim: Fathi Hamad (Part 2)

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