Your Daily Muslim: Abdullah Daoud

WARNING: Keep away from babies. May be eye and brain irritant.

WARNING: Keep away from babies. May be eye and brain irritant.

Babies are sexy beasts. So sexy, in fact, that men feel an uncontrollable urge to rape them. At least, this is, according to Saudi sheikh Abdullah Daoud. Horny and unable to keep his hand out of the proverbial cookie jar, Daoud issued a fatwa in an attempt to curb the temptations he was facing: baby girls must wear the burqa (full face veil.)

Daoud was very forward when asked to explain his fatwa: he cited statistics regarding child rape as justification for veiling babies. The thing is, Daoud’s probably responsible for a ton of those rapes, and we all know that plenty of Muslims like ’em young since they think Muhammad (pigs be upon him) was a moral and behavioral exemplar and he was all about that prepubescent pussy.

Daoud’s fatwa drew widespread criticism, including one sheikh’s comment that it “made Sharia look bad.” Actually, I think the burqa in general makes sharia look bad, along with the severed limbs, hanged gays, and flogged women.

9 comments on “Your Daily Muslim: Abdullah Daoud

  1. Complete retard !

  2. When you have an extremist religion founded by a murdering, medieval pedophile, you are going to get crap like this.

  3. Forthose of you who know very little religion, here are a few facts. God does not say what goes on in the world. humans have free will. god allows the devil, called Satan to try and lead you into temptation. There are many false prophets who say they are telling you Gods word. One of the false prophets is mohammed who teaches that god likes you to rape little children, to chop peoples limbs off. to throw acid over those who defy mohammed. who chop bits bits of their girls vagina, and generally cause mayhem in the world.
    Now does that help you to understand things clearer?

  4. Ok, they’re always bragging that in their stupid countries women are respected and equal and that raping doesn’t exist (it doesn’t for them since no women can bring 4 male witnesses every time there’s a rape victim). Then WTF is this monkey trying to protect the baby girls from, if according to them Islamic countries are the safest on Earth to women??? Seriously, can they be any more retarded???

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  7. Allah is a myth started because mohammad said he spoke to an angel in a cave!, not exactly many fossils for angels or studies done to prove angel theory, because it is all a myth!
    Fuck Mohammad, he lied!

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