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Your Daily Muslim: Ahmad Mahmoud Abdullah

Ahmad Mahmoud Abdullah showing off his pocket-size child porn book

Ahmad Mahmoud Abdullah showing off his pocket-size child porn book

Ahmad Mahmoud Abdullah, also known as Abu Islam, is the latest in a long line of Islamic clerics who want to be douchier than Mr. “legitimate-rape” himself, Todd Akin. Abdullah is a sheikh who resides in Egypt, and he is known for giving televised speeches and sermons. In one such recent speech, he claimed that female anti-government protesters went to Tahrir Square not to protest, but to get raped because they wanted it.

Tahrir Square is a chaotic place; it’s where CBS reporter Lara Logan was raped by a mob while covering the Egyptian revolution. YDM featuree Mona Eltahawy was also gang-raped there. Protesters are often taken aside by troops and government militias and interrogated (read: tortured.) Some are never seen again. Abdullah claims that female activists risked everything not to protest against the corrupt Muslim Brotherhood government, but to indulge their rape fantasies.

“They tell you that naked women – who are going to Tahrir Square because they want to be raped – are a red line! And they ask [Mohamed] Morsi and the Brotherhood to leave power!” For one, the women are not naked. They are simply unveiled, which is the same thing to horny Muslims, since apparently (according to leading Islamic religious authorities) a woman’s hair is so tempting to men that men cannot resist raping uncovered women. Also, some people in Egypt have brains and don’t want the Muslim Brotherhood running their country.

Abdullah continued, calling female activists “devils” and commanding them to respect their femininity, in other words, wear the hijab. “90 percent of them are crusaders and the remaining 10 percent are widows who have no one to control them. You see women talking like monsters.” Crusaders? Honestly, I think Abdullah’s still stuck a few centuries behind even the crusades. As for women talking like monsters, a monster like Abdullah has absolutely no right to criticize.

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