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Your Daily Muslim: Abd al-Qader Shiba al-Hamad

Abd al-Qader Shiba al-Hamad demonstrating how he handles a male prostitute's ass

Abd al-Qader Shiba al-Hamad demonstrating how he handles a male prostitute’s ass

Saudi Islamic cleric Abd al-Qader Shiba al-Hamad (not to be confused with Shiba Inu, a breed of dog) is a soulless bastard, and not just because he has ginger facial hair. A teacher at the al-Nabawi mosque in Medina, al-Hamad teaches children about the Qur’an – specifically, the violent anti-gay passages in the Qur’an.

The semi-fossilized old Muslim began: “[Homosexuality] is a great corruption. A great corruption. Our lord was not satisfied – when he tortured the tribe of Lot – with merely killing or burning them. Since what they do goes against human nature, [the Koran says]: ‘We turned the city upside down and rained upon them brimstones hard as clay.'” If anyone tries to tell you that Islam is tolerant of homosexuals, they’re engaging in taqiyya, the Islamic doctrine that lying is acceptable to preserve or save the face of Islam.

Not one to veer from his favorite subject of anal sex, al-Hamad explained that some of the first followers of Muhammad were caught getting it on. Citing numerous passages from the Hadith, he began smiling like the crazed madman he is when discussing the foundations of the possible punishments for homosexuality under the sharia.

“When word came from Syria, the Prophet’s companions convened and wondered what to do. One group said that they must be punished according to the punishment for fornication: A fornicator who was a virgin is flogged, and a non-virgin fornicator is stoned. A second group said, no. Let’s put them… Let’s behead them by sword – both his neck and hers… the man’s neck… I mean the necks of both men are cut with a sword. Then they are placed on a coffin, and the coffin is burned. Their coffin is burned after they were killed. A third group said: Neither this way nor that. Let’s climb to the top of the highest mountain and roll them down the mountain until they are killed.” Yep, religion of peace. Completely compatible with Western society. A good influence in our communities. …wake up, folks. The LGBT community will be among the first that Islamists target wherever their madness is allowed to spread.

In conclusion, al-Hamad: get fucked.

One comment on “Your Daily Muslim: Abd al-Qader Shiba al-Hamad

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