Your Daily Muslim: Nassima Ali

Nassima Ali doesn’t want her face on here. Check the comments of this piece to see her rage even harder than in the screencaps.

I found UK Muslim Nassima Ali (originally from Djibouti) harassing the good folks at Allah Sucks. After reading a few of her comments, I realized she was worthy of being featured on here due to her sheer idiocy and how quickly she devolved from semi-civil to feral. The Allah Sucks page is one of the leading counterjihad pages on Facebook. It regularly posts content exposing the cruelty of Islam. Nasty-ma Ali stumbled upon the page and decided to start her protest against the page peacefully, albeit somewhat idiotically. She claims she was born a Muslim because it’s the best religion… if it’s the best religion, then why does it oppress her?


After getting thoroughly obliterated by believers in logic and reason, Nassima calmed herself for half a second by bending over for Allah and reading some child-porn fairytales (the Qur’an.) She then launched another, equally pathetic assault:


Yep, she just told all counterjihad activists to kill themselves and dodged the question of whether or not she had undergone a clitorectomy. Female genital mutilation is disturbingly common in Islam, and even more disturbing is how Nassima doesn’t acknowledge it or speak out against it.

She also wished “scary dreams” upon infidels… oh no, the boogeyman! Nassima, most of us are grown adults, we aren’t afraid of your childish threats. In fact, we enjoy making mockery of them and your religion. If you want to join the civilized world and undo your brainwashing, we’re here for you. Until then, I recommend taking a good, hard look at the truth of your violent religion.

13 comments on “Your Daily Muslim: Nassima Ali

  1. allah is gay

  2. I see now why muzzie shealas wear burkhas. Net time she posts lets hope she wears it ugly fakir’


    • This death threat has been reported to the FBI. Nassima, if there are any factual inaccuracies in the post, please let me know and I will correct them. The mission of this site is to present the truth, and for your piece, there wasn’t all that much primary source material. You really need to calm yourself down. Caps lock is cruise control for cool and doesn’t make your argument any more convincing. It just kinda proves my point.

    • lol fukk allah best regards denmark..u fukking idiot..the world dont need muslims ….we need to reatch the stars…not back to the fucking caves

  4. I think that its wrong to harass people who believe in a religion just because of what the media says.Its wrong we as humans should not judge a religion because of what the media has made us want to believe. As decent people i think we should respect each religion because even if someone believes in Allah that doesn’t affect someone else so stop this childish act and if you guys are 40 year old virgins who enjoy making fun on religions why dont you start talking about Guru Nanak next then

    • It’s not the media, it’s Qur. 8:12 and numerous other verses. If Muslims stopped acting based on all the verses of sexism, homophobia, oppression, and violence, there wouldn’t be a global jihad epidemic.

  5. can you put my picture down, otherwise i will report you asap to the police, so do what i say, otherwise this page will be reported and put off in no time, i am warning you!

    • Please explain what is illegal about the post. Everything in it is from what YOU wrote, and I am allowed to use your public writings as a source document in a post. This is an American site, remember. I can remove the image of you if you would like because I’m a nice guy, I just need some verification that this *is* actually you and not someone doing “white-knighting” on your behalf.

  6. Hindu ,Christians , Jews , Buddhists are peaceful… N we all r brothers n sisters… Bt islam is just a joke

  7. allah can suck my big cock……….does anybody know why there are no muslims in star trek?………………………………..Because its the future:)

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