Your Daily Muslim: Shamshu Miah

L: Shamshu Miah; R: Neelix

Shamshu Miah and his alien doppelganger

Bangladeshi-born UK Muslim Shamshu Miah, also known as Neelix from Star Trek: Voyager, is short, fat, old, and generally a miserable person. Known to suffer from mental health issues (aka Islamism), Miah was having a particularly bad day and his wife wasn’t helping him feel better. He demanded she get him a cigarette since Islam does not allow him to put other long, round objects in his mouth. She refused. Miah then did what any good Muslim husband would do and hit her three times.

Upon his arrest, Miah told the court that his religion gave him the right to hit his wife. His wife, who supports him, informed the court that he is bipolar. Hey, Mrs. Miah, look up Battered Woman Syndrome. It might tell you a lot about yourself. Any religion that gives men the authority to hit women for not being subservient is royally effed and shouldn’t be given the respect or credibility of more peaceful ideologies. Miah’s wife told the court she wanted him to move back to the extended family’s home. There are believed to be numerous individuals with various psychoses (aka devout Muslims) in that dwelling.

This wasn’t Miah’s first run-in with the law. In 2006, he was near a lake at a resort during Ramadan when hunger struck. Miah was a devout Muslim who had been fasting for Ramadan, but couldn’t resist the craving of some delicious raw poultry. A swan was in the water within arm’s reach. Miah pulled out a knife he had in his pocket and stabbed the bird. He took the bird, bit it, cut off its wings and head in halal fashion, and tried to stuff it in his bag to finish the meal later. This was in broad daylight, in public, so a crowd had begun to form around the blood-soaked Muslim. Miah was arrested shortly thereafter.

Miah was given slaps on the wrist for both incidents and has been ordered to attend a community mental health program.

4 comments on “Your Daily Muslim: Shamshu Miah

  1. Neelix was embodied by actor Ethan Phillips, not by this thug. Ethan likes lit, botany and ornithology, so he would protect the beautiful swan instead of eating it. 😉 Hovewer, I like your page… keep up the good work.

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  3. Typical muslime. Mad as a meat axe.

  4. […] don’t know what it is about UK Muslims and swans. For some reason, the poor birds have a hard time remaining whole in the company of Muslims. Hasan […]

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