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Your Daily Muslim: Alfred Issaquah Shafford

No image of Alfred Issaquah Shafford is available.

Alfred Issaquah Shafford is, like most Muslims, angry at the world. Bitter, racist, and homicidal after being rejected by a white woman, Shafford joined the Seattle Black Foot Soldiers and began spewing racist rants like “all whites are terrorists” while praising cop killers.

After a shooting in which four Seattle cops were killed by black Muslim Maurice Clemmons, Shafford demanded the local black Muslim community rise up. He wanted to burn effigies of the fallen officers, and held a rally to celebrate the group’s “victory,” asking “who is your favorite officer down?” All this, while claiming he didn’t want to engage in less civilized forms of protest… I think his words about the dead officers say enough about his non-existent civility: “We, those in my community, can feel nothing short of relief.”

“All white people are terrorists and, ultimately, have one agenda: to continue to dominate and rule the world by oppression.” Somehow the liberal media has completely ignored this buffoon. Why? Because he’s a black Muslim. If a white Christian were to say such things about blacks, they would be rightly shamed for being a racist dick.

Shafford is a firm believer in the 72 virgins Muslims receive after death. He claims cop killer Maurice Clemmons is “enjoying getting his dick sucked and divine pussy.” What a classy fellow. What a classy religion. I hope Clemmons’ virgins are all into wearing strap-ons.

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