Your Daily Muslim: Meryem Dursun

Meryem Dursun is often confused for a pear

Meryem Dursun is often confused for a pear.

Arranged marriages are rather commonplace in Islamic communities. Often, families work out agreements for their children to marry one another, and before you know it, the parents are grandparents. However, not all arranged marriages are agreeable to all parties involved (see Shamim Akhtar.) The story of Turkish Muslim Meryem Dursun is one such tragic example.

Dursun’s daughter Güler had continually rejected the idea of an arranged marriage, which caused her great displeasure. Hoping to arrange a marriage for her daughter to (presumably) some sort of relative, Dursun searched for a groom. During that time, however, Güler had other plans. She had begun seeing a local man who could please her in all the ways the ugly suitors Dursun found couldn’t. The suitors Dursun found were the only ones willing to have sex with *her*, so there were far fewer than would go for her not-so-haggard daughter. Dursun found out about Güler’s relationship. Being a jealous, controlling bitch, she immediately kicked her daughter out of the house. What a loving mother.

Two years passed. In early 2013, Güler and her now-husband decided to pay a visit to Dursun. The couple had even brought their infant son with them. Seeing Güler and her husband together set Dursun off. The trio had a brief argument, then Dursun, being a reasonable Muslim, grabbed a rifle and shot Güler and her husband. Their baby was also shot. Güler and her husband died immediately.

Dursun was taken into custody. She claimed she had no regrets about killing her own daughter, and that the murders were to avenge the family’s disgraced honor. Basically, she’s saying that killing people is honorable whereas marrying for love isn’t. Any kind of culture with such ideals is barbaric and has no place in the civilized world.

8 comments on “Your Daily Muslim: Meryem Dursun

  1. Somebody please KILL THIS POS!!!

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  3. You will find yourself in big trouble very soon

  4. Another retarded women

  5. This seems to be a story of a psychopath who couldn’t bear facing the fact that she wasn’t obeyed and her daughter was happy, instead of rejoicing she had to kill what she in lost control of.
    Ooooh, someone has a corncob up her ass, and using the face of a cute little baby terrorist to threaten you! Scary!

  6. […] Meryem Dursun – Turkish Muslimah whose daughter married for love, against Dursun’s wishes. When her daughter and son-n-law visited her, Dursun shot both to death and shot the couple’s infant as well. Dursun said the murders were to avenge the family’s disgraced honor caused by the couple’s love marriage. […]

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