Your Daily Muslim: Muhammad Raed

Muhammad Raed about to climax

Muhammad Raed about to climax

We all know that Muslims love porn. The Qur’an is full of it, including scenes featuring small children. Pakistan, an Islamic nation, leads the world in porn searches per capita. Egyptian Muslim Muhammad Raed, however, has a penis so small he is almost physically incapable of masturbating. Out of a severe case of penis envy, he performed a study that found a correlation between porn searches in Islamic countries (still looking at you, Pakistan) and deaths/destruction in Gaza.

Now, anyone with any knowledge of science knows that correlation does not equal causation. “[The study covered] seven or five years, [and found that] the eight weeks in which people watched the most porn sites were six weeks after we finished Ramadan, and during the summer holidays. There were punishments from Allah in our countries during these days.” Punishments from Allah, who enjoys polygamy and child marriage, not to mention whose heaven is filled with naked women? From what I see, Allah is a giant perv and would be a hypocrite for hating porn.

“[In the west], most of the sons and daughters don’t know who their fathers and mothers are.” So he’s saying that the majority of children in the west are adopted. Now, a lot of Muslims on here say stupid things, but Raed takes the cake in terms of exaggeration.

2 comments on “Your Daily Muslim: Muhammad Raed

  1. Why all of their “scientific contributions” are related to sex????

  2. […] the subject of pornography. Unlike his fellow Muslims, he didn’t blame it for rainstorms or natural disasters, but he did describe it as being problematic. I’d say sexual frustration and the resulting […]

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