Your Daily Muslim: Abu Muwahhid

Abu Muwahhid rocking the traditional Islamic tablecloth look with a recently-permed beard

Abu Muwahhid rocking the traditional Islamic tablecloth look with a recently-permed beard

“Women in the West are only remembered when they take off their clothes. Women in Islam are remembered for their integrity and sacrifice.”

UK Islamic activist preacher Abu Muwahhid really enjoys bending over for Allah. He even wears a dress when doing so. When not on Facebook or feeling the love of Allah fill him, Muwahhid is commanding his Muslim brothers to support mujahideen (jihadis) and trying to build himself a time machine so he can travel back to the 7th century, where he would feel more at home.

Muwahhid cites Qur. 58:22 when he says that Muslims cannot befriend non-Muslims: “Whoever obeys the Messenger (pigs be upon him) and singles out Allah in worship, it is not permissible for him to have friendship or alliance with those who oppose Allah and His Messenger.” And yet Barack Hussein Obama, who has studied the Qur’an, still claims “Islam has a proud tradition of tolerance.” Bullshit.

“Islam elevates the status of women, honors them and teaches men to show respect to them.” …Actually, Islam degrades women and barely recognizes them as being human. It takes from them their individuality through oppressive garments like the burqa, their freedom of expression through sharia, their freedom to love through arranged marriages. It takes away their freedom to enjoy their sexuality through clitorectomy, their safety through rape and sex slavery, and their dignity through forced subservience and beating. (Qur. 4:34) In Islam, a woman must provide four Muslim male witnesses to prove rape, otherwise she is tried for adultery. If Islam taught men to respect women, then there wouldn’t be so many rapes in the Islamic world. We wouldn’t see vermin like Adil Rashid, Balal Khan, and Shamrez Rashid. If Islam taught men to respect women, we wouldn’t see forced marriages, women being blamed for being raped, and the marriage of little girls. Islam is an atrocity against women.

Muwahhid cites terrorist clerics like Mostafa Kamel Mostafa as inspirations in his faith, and his sadism doesn’t stop there. His diet is strictly halal and he calls upon his followers to embrace the same eating habits: “Stunning/electrocuting animals before slaughtering is not allowed. And if an animal dies due to stunning before being slaughtered, that meat is not halal!” So basically, Muslims only eat animals that have suffered horribly.

Muwahhid cites the following fatwa as being spiritually sound advice: “There can be no doubt that if a non-related woman travels with a driver without a relative to accompany her, this is obviously wrong and involves a number of evils which are not insignificant. The man who approves of this for his female relatives is lacking in religious commitment and manhood, and he has little protective jealousy towards his female relatives. The Prophet (pigs be upon him) said, ‘No man is alone with a non-related woman but the Shaytaan (Satan) is the third one present.'” So what if Satan’s there? Maybe he’s a cool guy who just wants to party. This “protective jealousy” sounds a lot more like “possessiveness” or “insecurity” to me…

“Avoid being in places that are displeasing to Allah (where people are free-mixing [between sexes], drinking alcohol, taking drugs, etc.) because you would not want the angel of death to take your soul from such places.” In other words, Muwahhid is telling dudes to only hang out with other dudes, which basically means he’s telling dudes to have massive gay orgies.

Muwahhid’s Facebook

7 comments on “Your Daily Muslim: Abu Muwahhid

  1. Nice way to honor the female population from where he spreads his shit.

  2. […] Muwahhid came onto my radar a couple months ago when I found his crazy ramblings on Facebook (see part 1.) If you thought what he said last time was nuts, you are in for an even bigger shock this time […]

  3. […] jihad is inevitable. UK Islamic preacher Abu Muwahhid is no exception. The two-time YDM featuree (part 1, part 2) for being a sexist dick has just been booked on charges of disseminating terror […]

  4. ur such idiots! May u rot in hell……Boooy do i wish 2 c u then!!!
    Islam 4 lyf!

    • I learned about Islam from authentic sources. That’s why I made this website. Have fun with your 7th-century fairytale and coercion-based morality.

  5. @YDM ; yuu an ex-Muslim or sumtingg ?
    Why wud an Islaamophobic kaafir spend time learning `bout Islaam from authentic sources ?!

    • I’m just a badass who loves #gayporn4muhammad and laughs at the ridiculousness of your violent religion. Like seriously, how can anyone with half a brain believe that shit?

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