Your Daily Muslim: Yusuf Ibrahim

Yusuf Ibrahim

Yusuf Ibrahim needs to take a shower

“I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve. Therefore strike off their heads and strike off every fingertip of them.” Qur. 8:12

Yusuf Ibrahim was just being a good Muslim, following the commandments of Allah. He didn’t know why the filthy kuffar (infidels) had to lock him up and throw away the key. They just didn’t understand him, but if they did, they would celebrate his courageous act of jihad for the sake of Allah, he thought. However, now he’s sitting in a cold cell, awaiting trial for beheading two Coptic Christians and cutting off their hands.

With a somewhat thuggish appearance, Ibrahim chose to get tattoos (which are forbidden in Islam) to try to blend in with the kuffar. He didn’t manage to integrate himself well, though – his hair resembled that of a stray dog, so most kuffar saw he was more than somewhat unhinged and chose to avoid him. Two men in Ibrahim’s native New Jersey, however, didn’t get the memo. It cost them their lives.

Ibrahim forced his way into one of the victims’ homes, where the two victims were meeting. He shot both men, then beheaded them and cut off their hands in accordance with the Qur’an. Ibrahim stole one of the victims’ cars and drove it around as his own for a while before realizing it might make him look suspicious. Police began to search for the vehicle and caught Ibrahim after receiving reports that he had been seen driving it. The reason this Muslim probably didn’t give a damn about getting arrested was because the teachings of Islam instruct Muslims that sharia law supersedes societal law.

After his arrest, Ibrahim did not comment. He is currently in jail.

20 comments on “Your Daily Muslim: Yusuf Ibrahim

  1. Judge him by his own law. An eye for an eye, a hand for a hand, a head for a head.

    • Since he killed two unbelievers he would get no punishment according to their laws. The only “innocent” human being in the world, for them, is a Muslim.

      • Yes – that’s the problem. But its really just a commentary on their Law, which declares them innocent when they commit murder. But shouldn’t they be applying this to their own people, and not to others who have no sense of being beholden to Islam? And similarly. now that he has committed a crime on foreign soil, does he expect he will not be subject to the law of that land?
        BTW, I see that the Pakistani Ambassador to the US is currently being lined up to face a blasphemy charge levelled against her by her own country, for criticising the use of the death penalty for blasphemy (especially as a great many of these blasphemy charges are actually trumped up). The one pushing for her to be hanged or stoned is – I see – a money-grabbing businessman (who I’ll bet doesn’t follow true Islam). Yes, I remember the businessmen in Pakistan well, as I was often invited to their parties because I was perceived of as being rich. Unlimited booze available (Islam forbids drink). These same men would share the $3000 or so purchase price for some Christian girl (one of whom was my wife’s friend from near my wife’s village) to keep her as a prostitute for all their businessmen friends for a month or two. She would service maybe 5 – 6 men a day. The girls – who otherwise might get paid $150 a month for a regular job – often succumb to a temptation like this. The will succumb to an offer like this because they are so poor. The Christian men have no money to offer them, as most of them remain largely unemployed. These girls then get abused by these holy Muslims, but of course the Muslims can do what they want to an infidel, as you say. And – besides – she is only a woman.
        I lived in Pakistan for a few years, and married my wife there, and also built a home for her family. But I got ripped off by the Pakistani Muslim who was selling it, who misrepresented the land area. I went to him and said to him that we should settle it privately or I would have to go to the court to seek reparation. He threatened to manufacture a charge of blasphemy if I proceeded. I proceeded anyway, and he did not bring such a charge. Perhaps this was because his brother, who had been a long-time car thief, had just been shot dead by the police. So, instead of doing what he threatened, he paid a bribe to the court registrar instead so that the case repeatedly got rescheduled until we finally had to leave the country without our case ever being heard. So, you don’t need to tell me about Muslim “righteousness”. I am well acquainted with it. They irony is that they will murder their own for far less (Shia versus Sunni). I’d be interested to know how Mohammed found his redemption. I presume it was through his righteousness? Yeah – good luck.

  2. Fuck u all….. The man in Newton CT was crazy tho.. Not a terrorist at all huh. Ignorance truly is bliss

  3. No. That Yusuf Ibrahim is astray. The whole Quranic verse (8:12) is “(Remember) when your Lord inspired the angels, ‘I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve. Therefore strike off their heads and smite every fingertip of them.'” THE ORDER IS NOT ADDRESSED TO HUMANS, but to the angels, who are tasked to smite the infidels.

    Truly, The Quran doesn’t encourage moslems to do that kind of senseless killing, but to fight back, that is if attacked. It is stated in the Quran (109:6), “For you is your religion, and for me is my religion.” This means that MOSLEMS ARE SUPPOSED TO TOLERATE INFIDELS, as long as they don’t start war against moslems.

    Think again, people. That murderer Yusuf Ibrahim is in error, and his error put an unneeded shame on my religion and my name. May Allah treat him in true justice.

    • Then explain why Allah commands Muslims to engage in acts of violence against Jews? Sahih Muslim 41:6985 etc. Islam’s holy texts do command Muslims to engage in violent acts against those who disbelieve – “And fight them until fitna is no more and religion is for Allah.” and so on.

      • Sahih Muslim 41:6985 is not a command for moslems to kill jews senselessly. It is only a prophecy, stating that moslems and jews will one day fight against each other. Read that hadist carefully; I don’t see any such command in it.

      • I read it, and it describes a battle in the “end” where Muslims slaughter Jews. That sure sounds like a religion of peace to me… not! Where’s the rainbows and flowers and all the peaceful shit? Nowhere to be found. Instead, in Islam, there’s severed heads and mangled corpses aplenty.

      • The peace manifests in the generous commands such as zakat. We moslems share 2.5 percent of our zakatable riches to the more-needing routinely. And have you heard of Idul Adha, the day when moslems are commanded to slaughter cattles and share them with the poor? Have you heard the story when Prophet Muhammad fed and cared a blind poor daily, in spite the poor was actually an infidel who spread lies about Muhammad?

        I want to emphasize here that many, so many I admit, moslems interpret The Quran wrongly. That murderer Yusuf Ibrahim, in my opinion, is one of them. The impression of Islam is so bad, I know. Islam is a peaceful religion, it is, but so many followers in error show not the peace, but the wrong and senseless killing they think they have to do because they interpreted The Quran wrongly in the first place.

      • Hey – have you ever looked into the claim that the Catholic Church was the true source of Islam. Can be checked out on YouTube. Might explain why Muslim attitudes and double-speak are so Catholic in character.

      • Muhammad, pigs be upon him, was no prophet. He was a pedophile and a warlord.

        If Islam is peaceful, why do so many Muslims wage jihad? Why wouldn’t they behave like Christians instead and just complain about abortion?

  4. So what happened to this guy? Where is he held? When’s his trial? Will he get the same 24/7 news on HLN? Will there be riots?

  5. You say that Islam is a “peaceful” religion, but the actions of its believers disproves that. Saying something doesn’t make it so. Facts make it so. The facts are that Muslims can kill women pretty much on a whim, and get away with it. They also see nothing wrong with terrorism. They don’t have to like us, but if they choose to not live in peace with us, they must be prepared to be annihilated, because we will never agree to live under their brutal women-hating laws, and we will NEVER let them dominate us. Frankly, I believe ALL religion is a lie. Each religion is unprovable, and each claims to be the true religion, even though they can’t ALL be true. They are all false fairytales created to subjugate the masses by offering them false hopes, rewards and promises that will only be paid in the afterlife. Has ANYONE ever been paid? If wish I could pay all my bills in my afterlife – I’d buy a Mercedes on credit for every friend and family memeber, to be paid by (I don’t know, GOD, maybe?) after I die. Why doesn’t everyone do that? Certainly, if a car dealer doesn’t agree to those terms, isn’t that proof that he/she is not a true believer? Why are we any different than a squashed insect when we die – because some “man” who only purportedly is a god or half god said so? Seems believers are idiots (stoopid) that choose to be blind to the actual scientific truth that we came from dust, and so to dust we shall return. (dust-to-dust). I can accept that, (it is a scientific fact) so why can’t religious fools accept reality and admit to the same. Do they really need their feel good fairytales that they aren’t really/actually going to die one day. Who do they think they are kidding? Not me – just themselves. Sadly, religion, a humaninvention, is responsible for most of the planet’s ills. Time to face reality and focus on saving the planet. Oh, but Muslims would rather die than admit religion is a fraud. Too bad they are so willing to take the rest of the world with them when they die trying to prove their unprovable point. THAT is what makes Muslims so dangerous. They are a genuine threat to the survival of the planet. I do concede there are some rational thinking Muslims, but they seem unwilling to police their own radicals. Not opposing terrorism is tantamount to supporting it….

    • You are an ignorant individual. NOT ALL MUSLIMS ARE BAD MUSLIMS. THOSE STUPID ONES YOU SEE ON THE NEWS ARE MUSLIM EXTREMISTS WHO BELIEVE IN A DIFFERENT GOD THAN GOOD MUSLIMS BELIEVE IN. Look at your atheist christian society before coming an talking at another religion. Stop believing what CNN and Fox News tells you to believe.

  6. My friend!!!!end of world will be belonging to Muslims….the promise of the one god(Allah)…..believe it or not talkative people!!!keep on walking..eating like animals..fuckin…and every lustful thing you choose to take and refusing to take the commandments of god…see you soon…you’ll remember me…cheers

    • lol… “end of the world”… the world will only end when you shitstains blow it up.

    • Hi Bella Donna,

      Yes, I’ll make sure I remember you.

      But for your encouragement, can I make a couple of points (not too much) that may clarify your position a bit. Let’s begin.

      First of all “alah”, in Hebrew, means “accursed”. I notice you like using the word.

      Secondly, the symbol of the Moon goddess (the original deity defined by “Allah”) was originally a Moon crescent around her neck – much the same as the Moon crescent that used to hang around the neck of Diana the Great of Ephesus. Both Diana worship and Islam have religions with a focal point around an edifice erected over a meteorite (as the pagans used to believe that meteorites were thrown down from the gods). Some even think the stone inside the Kabba is the very same stone that first spent its time at Ephesus. I find it curious that worship of the one true God goes with what really looks like a big pagan ritual at the kabba.

      As I have said before, Islam was set up by Catholicism, mainly to get an army together that could take Jerusalem for the Pope. Once Islam got powerful and took Jerusalem, they ended up thumbing their nose at the pope. Can’t blame them for that, really. The power of Islam will probably continue in the modern day until Islam gets Jerusalem back again, probably in about a decade from now. After that, it is probable that mass extermination of Muslims will begin (shortly after mass extermination of Jews and Christians has begun), as the New World Order brings its immense power to bear on all religions (it wishes to exterminate them all and put Lucifer worship in its place), and also as the Catholic Church fights for its life within this new political environment.

      BTW, I hate the Catholics and Trinitarian belief too, but I remain a Christian. Here’s why… John 3:16, “God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son, so that whosoever believes in him should not perish but have everlasting life.” I don’t think we can add in a sub-clause like “and if that doesn’t work there’s always Mohammed (real name Qataim) as Plan B”.) Unless Islam is a revision of Christianity, it has no relevance at all to anything. Best to lump it in with rabbinical Judaism, as they are almost identical in how they see life. Would that be fair comment? I believe that its still true that only faith in God through Jesus Christ can give anyone a hope of escaping destruction (see John 6, and read also the passage that says “he that hath the son hath life; he that hath not the son hath not life”).

      Basically, I understand that you love your religion, and in some ways its good that you point out the weaknesses in Christian understanding and/or doctrine (which the Jews have also done for centuries), but the reality is that you can’t erase Christianity unless you have a way of dragging Christ back down from Heaven and from his position at the right hand side of God. I don’t see that happening, do you?

      Just believing that Christ isn’t there won’t work either as an excuse on Judgment Day, which you seem to look forward to so much. I wouldn’t be so keen to hasten it: don’t forget that Paul said (perhaps before Catholicism snuck in) that the saints will judge the world!! I’m pretty sure that still holds true, despite the Catholic takeover of Christianity.

      Anyway, what’s so hard about being Christian? Your religion was formed to reform it, wasn’t it? Just make sure you avoid all the Catholic doctrines and just stick to the Bible. You’ve already studied it so much. You’ll probably be the very best of Christians!

      Just food for thought.

  7. I know that guy. He’s Jondee Depp’s gay pirate brother from S’mellia.

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