Your Daily Muslim: Mahmoud Yousef Hindi

Mahmoud Yousef Hindi

Mahmoud Yousef Hindi

Muslims are known for throwing tantrums when they don’t get their way. They’re also known for being irrational and violent. Put those attributes together, and you’ve got Jordanian-American Mahmoud Yousef Hindi, who scared his neighbors into moving out before shooting up a local homeowner’s association meeting.

Hindi was a doctor who lived in a nice neighborhood in Louisville, Kentucky. He had gotten into a dispute with the homeowner’s association about restrictions regarding a fence on his property. Instead of discussing the legality of the fence with the association, Hindi flew into a furious rage. He wrote numerous letters to the association’s attorney filled with random tangents about creationism and tons of verses from the Qur’an.

Some of Hindi’s neighbors got into heated arguments with him about the fence. They left the area shortly thereafter, likely due to Hindi’s threats. Muslim arguing tactic #1: if you’re losing, make death threats until the opposition runs away. Neighbors said Hindi was high-strung and irritable, and he had told them things like “You know I’ve got a gun and I just might use it.” After these confrontations, Hindi had also announced his intent to form his own homeowner’s association. Hmm, Muslims trying to make their own laws instead of living by the law of the land… where have we seen this before?

After saying goodbye to his family and telling them he’d be home for dinner, Hindi went to a homeowner’s association meeting. When nothing was said about the issue of his fence, he pulled out a gun and fatally shot two people. He was tackled and arrested on the scene. Surprisingly, he didn’t have any explosives on him.

After his arrest, Hindi explained his thought process going into the attack: “If they are not going to resolve peace with me, honestly, I had to kill them.” By “resolve peace,” Hindi means “submit to demands,” just as most Muslims do. “If they were not going to act as human beings, I was going to shoot them,” the Muslim said, before continuing that he wished he had killed another man as well. “Those [men] are not human beings.”

9 comments on “Your Daily Muslim: Mahmoud Yousef Hindi

  1. Execute this piece of shit.

  2. You can bet he will get some probation and then he will be released because “they’re culturally different” and western laws cannot be applied to them, as if they are some sort of untouchable species.

  3. If this had happened in Britain, they would really let him have it! A good sound slap on the wrist! Then toss him in the brig a few nights to let him cool off… for getting his wrist slapped.

  4. The records proved that Dr Hind had a history of mental issues , he has been getting treatment for many years .
    Please don’t bring religion in between words or to the subject .
    Look how many shooting we have had only this year , they were all committed
    by Christians , Oklahoma bombing , the movie theatre disaster . Cinneticut shooting , etc etc we shouldn’t bring religion or blaime it on religions please.
    I don’t believe any of the religions teaches or ask any of its followers to harm any body..
    May God cure all ill people and give us the wisdom .

  5. ok he comitted a crime.He deserves to be punished.what oes this have to do with him being muslim? the way you say things make people angry at you.so do not make generalizations

  6. Have fun in hell you miserable piece of shit barbaric Muslim scum

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