Your Daily Muslim: Sad Arafat

I think Sad Arafat needs a good beating.

I think Sad Arafat needs a good beating.

Egyptian Islamic cleric Sad Arafat is actually pretty sad. His track record with women isn’t the best because of how horribly he treats them, and he’s recently come to accept his forever-alone status. The only women who want him charge by the hour and are only accessible in whorehouses and dark alleys.

Arafat has probably had more failed marriages than the entire Kardashian family, and somehow feels he wasn’t responsible for the collapse of any of them. Using the Qur’an as a guide, he came up with numerous rules and guidelines for beating his wives, who quickly realized he only did it to compensate for having a tiny dick and a rather severe case of erectile dysfunction. “The prophet Muhammad (pigs be upon him) said: ‘Don’t beat her in the face, and do not make her ugly.'” It is unknown whether or not Muhammad chose ugly brides so as to not violate his own teachings.

“In addition, there must not be more than ten beatings, and he must not break her bones, injure her, break her teeth, or poke her in the eye. There is a beating etiquette. If he beats to discipline her, he must not raise his hand high. He must beat her from chest level. All these things honor the woman.” How about honoring the woman by listening to what she has to say, taking her out to dinner, and cuddling with her while watching a movie? Oh no, Arafat wouldn’t do that because that’s western.

“The honoring of the wife in Islam is also evident in the fact that the punishment of beating is permissible in one case only: when she refuses to sleep with him.” Actually, that’s not honoring the wife at all: that’s saying that either a woman is forced to have sex with her husband (which is rape, contrary to some Islamists’ beliefs), or she will get beaten. Needless to say, Islam treats women like shit. Anyone who says otherwise needs to look in the Qur’an to find the horrifying truth.

2 comments on “Your Daily Muslim: Sad Arafat

  1. With the measure you use it will be measured to you (Matthew 7). Let it be so for this man.

  2. Maybe the 72 virgins all have baseball bats. HAAAA! That would be Canadian virgins of course. In America they would have repeating assault rifles.

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