Your Daily Muslim: Amal Ahmed Abdullahi

I think her headscarf is too tight around her neck and is cutting off oxygen to her brain...

I think her headscarf is too tight around her neck and is cutting off oxygen to her brain…

“My people are dying for Allah every day. I am ready to die for Allah. This whole country will be Muslim soon.”

Ninjas normally aren’t the type to issue threats to their victims before going in for the kill. Somali-American Muslim Amal Ahmed Abdullahi is an exception to the rule. A worker at a Dell plant in Nashville, Abdullahi, clad in the traditional Islamic ninja costume, went on a crazed rant, threatening her coworkers and gleefully detailing the Islamic infiltration and takeover of America.

“All these kufar (infidels) should die. My life will begin after death. Nobody pays attention to me and I should pick up a gun and shoot all these people.” Normally a quiet person, her coworkers did not anticipate her vomiting virulent jihadi bile. No one knew what her true sentiments were. She was arrested for attempted terrorism. As Muslim immigration continues and the spread of Islam is left unchecked, it’s quite likely we’ll be seeing more and more like Abdullahi – some of which will undoubtedly go beyond making threats.

The local Muslim community claims the terrorism charge was only brought against her because she was a Muslim. Hmm, so randomly shooting a bunch of people for your religion isn’t considered an act of terrorism? Apparently not to Muslims – it’s “peace.”

12 comments on “Your Daily Muslim: Amal Ahmed Abdullahi

  1. go to your country scumbag!

  2. Fuck off this asshole from Barbaric Somalia.

  3. And the leftists in America tell us to be “tolerant” and “comprehensive” to this???

  4. […] Amal Ahmed Abdullahi, threatened to shoot her coworkers for being infidels […]

  5. Send her back to her hellhole!

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  7. Fcuk em all. They should deport them and order the military shoot the rest. What else are they there for but to support and safeekeep a country? Enough with this weak shit.

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    another idiot

  9. Just ain’t no allah, just superstition, grow up get a life.

  10. How can anyone with half a mind tolerate this violent religion!
    I think there are good grounds from this evil mouth & heart for her deportation,

  11. Right. the muzzie community is correct that she was charged with terrorism because she is a muslim. If she were christian, jewish, hindu, Buddhist or most any other religion, she would most certainly not be threatening to kill people in her religion’s name. Her religion hates other belief systems causing her to feel justified to make violent threats. However, had she not threatened to kill people, she would not have been convicted. regardless of her religion. Muslims seem to be incapable of rational thought processes.

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