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Your Daily Muslim: Raden Salamun Adiningrat

Porky was a pig...

Porky was a pig…

Indonesian Raden Salamun Adiningrat had never been a winner. He was picked last on the playground and was never chosen to be anyone’s valentine. It was that, along with the Qur’an, that inspired his fervent campaign against Valentine’s Day. I would make fun of him for having “rat” in his last name, but that would be too easy.

“Teenagers see [Valentine’s Day] as a time to express love and affection and they often end up in sex parties, like in the West.” And yet again we see the divide between Muslims and Western culture. Hey, liberals, where’s that multiculturalism and integration you keep yapping about? I sure as hell don’t see it. Also, sex parties on Valentine’s Day? Sure as hell sounds a lot more awesome than my Valentine’s Day, and I’m practically married. Where do I sign up?

Adiningrat is now the secretary of the largest Islamic group in Indonesia, Nahdlatul Ulama. His statement was just the latest of many against the holiday from Nahdlatul Ulama and other Islamist groups. A schoolgirl-led protest against Valentine’s Day was held. The protesters said the day should be renamed to “headscarf day” – yeah, because love is something to protest against. I bet the protesters were all the ugliest schoolgirls in Indonesia. They carried signs saying “Valentine’s: infidel culture,” and other such Islamic lunacy. Adiningrat probably feels accomplished for the first time in his life… though the only thing he really accomplished was making himself look like an even bigger dunce.

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One comment on “Your Daily Muslim: Raden Salamun Adiningrat

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