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Your Daily Muslim: Mariam Sharipova

Jihad just got fashionable.

Jihad just got fashionable.

Mariam Sharipova (not to be confused with professional tennis’ token blonde babe, Maria Sharapova) took “til death do us part” way too literally. A young Muslim woman from the Dagestan (right next to Chechnya) region of Russia, Sharipova was married to Magomedali Vagabov, a Chechen jihadi militia leader in the north Caucasus. Sharipova seemed like a bright, driven young woman who taught computer science. She was an avid follower of high fashion and took good care of her friends and family…

…that is, until she exploded.

The morning before her detonation, Sharipova told her mother she was going to the town chemist to buy materials for henna tattoos. That night, she traveled from Dagestan to Moscow with the help of her husband’s accomplices, who provided her with explosives and fitted them to her body. Sharipova walked into a crowded metro station and made like the theme song of Islam, Ke$ha’s “Blow.” 25 were killed in the explosion.

Her parents, whom Sharipova lived with since her husband was off waging jihad, expressed disbelief that their daughter had become radicalized. Hmm, maybe if she’s married to a terrorist, she just might support that crap. Her father commented, “She could have been kidnapped, it could have been a revenge attack, or it could have been the will of Allah.” Wow, what a loving god Allah is, having his followers splatter-paint with their intestines. I’m not buying Sharipova’s parents’ obliviousness; they’re probably trying to cover their asses so Russian authorities don’t investigate them.

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