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Your Daily Muslim: Hasan bin Jafar Assegaf

He has the pedo rape face, now all he needs is the creeper 'stache

He has the pedo rape face, now all he needs is the creeper ‘stache

Catholics now have some competition over groups of unsuspecting little boys. Indonesian cleric Hasan bin Jafar Assegaf’s molestation spree rivals that of any bishop or cardinal. In 2011, twelve young boys stepped forward to accuse Ass-egaf of molesting them. Whether or not he is guilty should be obvious (see above picture.) All Ass-egaf was doing was trying to be like a gay version of the prophet Muhammad (pigs be upon him), who had sex with a 9-year-old girl. Now, he’s claiming that the charges against him are acts of defamation.

“And round about them will (serve) boys of everlasting youth. If you see them, you would think them scattered pearls.” Qur. 76:19

Apparently Ass-egaf wants to dip his hand into the eternal cookie jar before he’s dead. The abuse was probably much more widespread than was reported. Ass-egaf used the explanation that it was “alternative medicine” to the boys when he groped and performed oral sex on them. What psychological primitives commonly refer to as an “alternative lifestyle” is not the same as “alternative medicine” – alternative medicine is basically just an excuse for hippie liberals to smoke more weed.

Ass-egaf had created an Islamic youth study group to study the Qur’an… and little boys’ genitals. Pedophiles often seek out positions that give them easy access to children, positions in which a parent would trust them with the care of their child. Most of the students who followed Ass-egaf were loyal and stated that they couldn’t believe he would touch little boys. They were most likely his older students. Police are handling this case sensitively because of the suspect’s prominence in the Islamic community. If he gets let off, I hope one of his victims is able to get their own justice.

One comment on “Your Daily Muslim: Hasan bin Jafar Assegaf

  1. He likes his little boys, as many muslims do, YOUTUBE Bacha Bazi for a video of muslims explaining they are fine with taking young boys for dancing, sucking and more.
    Seems even the Taliban fighters often wanted their little boys with them in battle for “comfort”
    I can only imagine what it would be like to suck a knob of an islamic unwashed smelly war torn mujihadeen after a few months desert fighting with no showers, the stench would be unique.

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