Your Daily Muslim: Rahemeen Nadeem

It's always the ones that seem normal that turn out to be the craziest...

It’s always the ones that seem normal that turn out to be the craziest…

Rahemeen Nadeem types like a borderline retard; all quotes have been typographically fixed for easy reading. Screenshots of her nearly-incomprehensible writings are at the bottom of the post.

Some Muslims don’t know when they’ve lost an argument and are only making themselves look like primitive idiots by continuing. Pakistani Muslim Rahemeen Nadeem is one such specimen. She found various counterjihad pages on Facebook, including Islam is Shit Again and proceeded to have a proper hissyfit that her invisible supernatural entity and his beloved pedophile prophet were being mocked.

She began her delightfully hypocritical rant at the page by saying “you have no right to harass any religion.” Well, actually, it’s called freedom of speech, something Islam is staunchly opposed to. “If you’re so proud that your ‘ladies’ can fly planes and walk on roads freely naked then you’re the world’s biggest loser I’ve witnessed to experience.” Nadeem, I’m sorry if you have body image issues and thus don’t want to show skin, but not everyone has the same low self-esteem.

“We don’t harass any [other] religion even after knowing everyone [else] is wrong!” Nadeem clearly is either oblivious to current events or is engaging in taqiyya, the practice of lying for the advancement of Islam. Muslims harass people of other religions all the time – the Buddhists in Thailand and Myanmar, the Hindus in India, the Coptic Christians in Egypt, the list goes on. Now here’s where she proves herself to be one of the biggest hypocrites on the planet:

“Allah has said not to hurt any other being on this world… New media are just turning people against us so people hate us and it’s all due to [the] Jews. [They’re] the worst beings on Earth, [that’s] the reason why Hitler was killing them.”

Let that sink in for a bit. This dumbass Muslim thinks she isn’t harassing other religions or praising atrocity. “Savage” doesn’t even begin to describe her.

Her iPhoneogram account – lots of wannabe hipster crap. And goats.

Here are the original messages of hers:



She has changed her Facebook name to Rahimeen Nadeem since the publication of this post.

8 comments on “Your Daily Muslim: Rahemeen Nadeem

  1. Hahaha, speaks for itself really, haha and we are importing them by the thousands into our countries? WE ARE ALL CRAZY! What are we doing to our grandchildren? And future generations!

    • Let them all go to Saudi and enjoy until the oil is finished, then they will vanish again into the desert. They made their way to Europe when Serbia fell to Otomans. Osama bin Laden was warmly welcomed in Bosnia in the nineties, during the war. Kuran is a poison, it makes serious damage in the brain. They reproduce like rats and cease to be a minority, then the BIG PROBLEMS start. Western Europe faces it now, but so far only the Eastern Europe was bleeding from the contact with them.

  2. wow….just wow. How many times can this chick contradict herself??? And make NO mistake…She meant what she said about the Jews. At least she let you see how they really feel…..These jackasses really do admire hitler. They are truly repulsive beings. Hang tough YDM and please continue your work!!!

    • After seeing the piece and realizing it made her look bad, she blamed her writings on”anger issues.” I told her that anger issues are no reason to support Hitler or bash Jews.

  3. Facebook page “Mohammad the PIG” and “Fuck Allah, Fuck Moahmmad the liar” are two fun pages that get a lot of islamic anger posts hahaha!

  4. Ban Islam, occupy & destroy Makkah … Never trust a Moslem!

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  6. A fine example of denying women an education.

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