Your Daily Muslim: Jamaal Uddin

Eating pigs is haram, but what about being a pig?

Eating pigs is haram, but what about being a pig?

Fat ginger kids are often bullied at school. Few deserve it. UK Muslim Jamaal Uddin, real name Jordan Horner, is one of those few.

After being turned down by even the girls on the short bus, Uddin realized his life needed to change. Realizing he would never find a woman to love him, he found a copy of a child-porn fairytale called the Qur’an and started reading. After several sessions with the book and his hand, he was like, “this shit is awesome!” It was then that he turned from an outcast slob to a – wait, he’s still an outcast slob.

Uddin has stated that he believes that Saudi Arabia is more westernized than Britain. Yep, because forbidding women from driving is such a western thing. Before completely losing his mind and turning into a wannabe Muslim Patrol member, Uddin admitted he did “what a normal kuffar (infidel) does” like smoke weed, drink, and interact with girls though they immediately turned away in disgust. He realized that the munchies weren’t helping his waistline so he stopped smoking for his own health. He’s still absolutely hideous, though.

Jamaal’s grandmother told him that during her adolescence, homosexuality and prostitution were looked down on and were seen as diseases. He explained his view on the subject: “And now all of this is completely normal in today’s society. If we let the society go on like this, there will be no solution, so that is why it is inevitable Islam will dominate the world.” No solution to what? People being able to love who they want to? Islam is a religion of tolerance, surely it wouldn’t discriminate against homosexuals…? Uddin’s homophobia, possibly rooted in latent bisexuality, has also manifested itself in “sharia-controlled zone” posters he put up around London that forbid drinking, gambling, and pornography (except the Qur’an.)

Uddin was a member of Anjem Choudary‘s pro-sharia group, Muslims Against Crusades. The British government banned the group after some of its members were found preaching hate. Uddin commented: “They (the British government) say I preach hatred… and I say love the Muslim brothers and hate the kuffars. That is what Allah has told us, so when I say this I become an extremist?” Actually, Uddin, yeah, you do. No other religion commands its followers to isolate themselves from everyone else. Any ideology that is so blatantly anti-integration should be condemned as such. Uddin is an extremist. Islam is an extremist ideology.

28 comments on “Your Daily Muslim: Jamaal Uddin

  1. Whata fucken cockhead…

  2. Good one today. I’m so sick of seeing this douche bag’s face.

  3. he looks like pig. yeah, 4 sure

  4. What a disgusting human being. Makes my skin crawl.

  5. I could swear that this is the cretin who was photographed putting up those “Sharia Zone” signs all over London. Or do all fugly white Islam converts look the same?

    • Yep, that was him. In this piece, I wanted to tread new ground and cover (primarily) the interview he gave that wasn’t covered by major media outlets.

      • That’s because “Major Media Outlets” do not spread the real news. Didn’t you realise that the country is fine, everyone lives in harmony and the rest of the world isn’t going to shit? lol
        (P.S Sorry for the late reply, I just saw this bell ends face and wondered how a fat ginger bastard gets a beard longer than a brown bears frozen turtle head)

  6. He looks like Dr.Zaius from the original Planet of the Apes films – ginger muzzie minger.

  7. He looks like he needs to be picked on, in fact he should be deported.
    Yes he was one of those retards posting sharia posters around London.

  8. […] Jamaal Uddin, placed “Sharia-controlled zone” fliers around London, condemning music, drinking, gambling, and pornography […]

  9. What a wanker; clearly as thick as pig shit!

  10. Any body else noticed that all the Christian converts to islame are all loser types like this guy or famous ppl they do it for publicity never any mainstream normal average guys n gals

  11. I know what he is! He’s a sand whigger!

  12. He cant even grow a beard! The fat minger, I bet they just cringed when he turned up asking to join.

  13. Bell end

    that is all

  14. […] had run-ins with the law before. The first instance was when he took part in pro-sharia rallies and posted “sharia-controlled zone” fliers condemning music and pornography around London, and the second was when he was seen with a few […]

  15. Poor fucker – a muslim….BUT a GINGER MUSLIM…could always get a job as a bouy in a harbour i guess

  16. Hell, if ignorance and stupidity were drugs, this guy could sell ’em by the bagful!

  17. this article is shallow, stupid and pathetic. It’s main theme is criticizing his appearance with no reference to his political motives. I’m not defending his motives but if you’re going to rant about him, at least note things worthwhile.

  18. Ginger & a muslim radical…. how low can one person be. I would of thought even islam had its limits… does he realise that gingers should NOT grow beards. Thats definatly a face worth hitting. and Jordan sorry i mean jamaal if you read this Watch your fucking back cos i can do what i like when i like to who i like no law can stop me and no law can protect you from me.

  19. […] that’s right, Jamaal Uddin impregnated someone. It had to have been by rape unless he hired a hooker and didn’t use […]

  20. In Poland we still don’t have such a pestilence…. I hope we will never have….

  21. Anyway I can get in touch with him to post one of his sharia notices on a lamppost near me. I would love him to try it!

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